Funso Doherty: I’ll Mobilize 2.5 Million Voters To Ensure ADC Win Lagos Governorship In 2023

Funso Doherty, a governorship aspirant on the platform of the African Democratic Congress has boasted that he will mobilize 2. 5million voters to ensure he wins  in 2023

Speaking during his declaration ceremony on Tuesday, in Lagos, Doherty said he would reform the public service in the state and cater to the welfare of the people.

Funso Doherty

The governorship aspirant noted that his administration would focus on reducing the burden of tax and regulatory harassment on small businesses in the state.

He added that there is an urgent need to invest more in transportation and security infrastructure in the state, which would be a key focus on his agenda.

“I am stepping forward today because all around us we see evidence of this misalignment between the actions of leadership and the interests of the people,” Doherty said.

“Officers of government agencies that should be instruments of service to the people often act like predators preying on the very people they exist to serve. Importantly, they should be paid decent wages, without which the moral authority to insist on integrity is undermined and without which there can be no lasting solution.

“Reforming the public service will free up resources that can be re-directed in the enlightened public interest to enable Lagos do more and be more in the following areas: reducing the burden of tax and regulatory harassment on small enterprises, improving the ease of starting and doing business, delivering innovative traffic, power and broadband solutions, investing in primary, maternal, child and mental health, rebuilding quality in education, including qualitative vocational options, safety net programs especially for children, the elderly and disabled.

By 2023, the current democratic era which started in 1999 will be one year shy of a quarter century. That is almost a whole generation. Nations have gone from third world to first world status in a generation. The 2022 approved budget for Lagos State is approximately N1.7 trillion. This is equivalent to the budget of several states combined. Just imagine if that expenditure is put to work competently, faithfully, honestly and transparently with the best public interest in mind and devoid of self-dealing. Then imagine this scenario is built on and repeated every year for 25 years. This is how states and nations are transformed.

“It is with a great sense of humility, responsibility and history, that I announce that I have joined the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and that by the grace of God, I intend to contest for the office of governor of my home state, Lagos.”

Doherty added that he decided to contest under the ADC as the party offers a compelling alternative platform to the two political parties that have dominated governance in Nigeria.

He said the ADC will mobilise over 2.5 million voters in the next election in order to ensure victory for the party.

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