YADI Condemns Ethnocentric Call For Sack Of CDS Irabor, CDI Adebayo

The Youths Against Disaster Initiative, (YADI), a non-governmental organisation has condemned the ethnocentric call for the removal of the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, Gen. Leo Irabor, and Chief of Defence Intelligence, CDI, Maj. Gen. Samuel Adebayo.

In a press statement, YADI expressed its utter disgust over the reckless and self-serving demand by a faceless group called “Northern Advocacy for Peace.”

The statement signed by the spokesperson of YADI, Kabir Salam said the obnoxious and somewhat diabolical request of the so-called advocacy group to President Muhammadu Buhari is a joke taken too far, and which every sane Nigerian must entirely condemn.

“At the rate the Northern Advocacy for Peace is going, one has no choice but to summarily conclude that the group’s jet-like descent into the pit of infamy, is already a fait accompli.

“For quite some time now, the advocacy group has shown ‘sincere worry’ and ‘patriotic concern’ over lingering insecurity and other socio-economic challenges plaguing the nation; something that we must all commend.

“But it is again necessary to point out that the modus operandi the advocacy group has been deploying regularly is one that should apparently trouble every right-thinking individual.

“On Monday, 21st March 2022, and like on several occasions in the past, the group released a statement through its President, Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu.

“In their childish statement, the group made its jaundiced ‘call’ to President Muhammadu Buhari, demanding the sacking of the Chief of Defence, Gen. Leo Irabor and Chief of Defence Intelligence on baseless allegations of ineptitude in the coordination of war against insecurity.

“As a forum which core and central mandate to help foster national peace and security, we are mindful of insecurity in Nigeria and elsewhere, however, we are quick to say that the statements issued by the Northern group are bereft of applauding the tangible efforts of our military and other security agencies fighting terrorists and other criminals.

“Since the appointment of the top military officers and other service chiefs since last year, we have witnessed the massive surrendering of insurgents in the North East, and the killings of top Boko Haram-ISWAP Commanders such as Abubakar Shekau, Barnawi, together with high-profile bandit leaders, and their foot soldiers,. These are no mean feat, worthy of commendation.

“As a group, who perhaps is passionate about building an egalitarian Nigeria, mischievously championing the call for the removal of both the CDS, Gen. Iabor, and CDI, Gen. Adebayo, only manifest the group’s penchant for pursuing only narrow, sectional, ethnocentric if not Ethnoreligious agenda, as the general public clearly knows that both Irabor and Adebayo do not hail from the President and majority of the group members’ geo-political zone.

“However, it is gratifying to note that Nigerians are familiar with the antics of groups such the Northern Advocacy for Peace, whose stock in trade is assassinating the characters of persons who are not only high-flying but truly celebrated, all in a bid to please their invisible paymasters.

“It is pertinent that groups like NAP should deploy tact, diplomacy and wisdom and pass across sensitive messages, in the interest of national unity.

“Their ceaseless theatrics of pursuing what absolutely passes of for sectional campaigns adorned in the garb of national interest, through releasing ‘prejudiced’ statements in the media, has never worked magic, or wonders.

“Hence, it is time the group, and those bankrolling its savage mission of overheating the polity for some ‘unholy’ gains, to beat a hasty retreat for the impending havoc will not spare anyone.

“Let those who have ears listen!” the statement concluded.

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