Just In: Pregnant  Woman, 24 Others Injured Following Stampede At APC National Convention

No fewer than 26 people including a pregnant woman and an elderly man were injured at the ongoing national convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) at Eagles Square, Abuja, following a stampede.

According to The Whistler, individuals waiting at the entrance gate for clearance for the event were caught in an ugly stampede following the slow pace of clearance from the security agents.

Delegates had besieged the venue waiting for clearance when suddenly people broke free from the security, who were forced to retreat.

As people began to besiege the gate waiting for clearance and complaining that they had spent over two hours on the queue, their patience waned and by 10:45 am, scuffle and jostling began.

The crowd became uncontrollable and as they wrestled to gain entry, people started falling over one another, while the policemen used teargas and beat people with their batons.

Security agents put together from men of the Department of State Security, the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Army, and the civil defence, regrouped and chased after the crowd with police dogs.

An elderly man of over 70 had his leg broken while a pregnant woman was writhing in pain but was helped to her feet and taken away for medical attention.

Dignitaries are yet to arrive as party officials are said to be locked in negotiation for consensus over various offices.

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