What Anyim’s Presidency Means To Southeast And Nigeria

By Kamal Mustapha Azaremo

Let us take a walk down memory lane to understand and know why the inclusion of a president from the Southeast is pertinent and how it would bring an end to the agitation of the South-eastern people of Nigeria to a halt.

During the military interregnum,Heads of States were majorly from other regions except for Aguiyi- Ironsi who hailed from Abia State. His tenure was short lived as he was assassinated the same year, he became the Head of State. Sir Nnamdi Azikiwe who also hailed from Anambra State was the president of Nigeria from 1963- 1966. He was a ceremonial head of state while the real power was with Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, the then Prime Minister. Ever since these great men who came from the South-eastern region were given the mantle of leadership, there has not been a repeat of such feat bestowed on anyone from the region hence the reason for bringing it to the fore and in the same vein, have cogent reasons as to the importance of history repeating itself.

We as a people strongly believe that the reason and the choice for standing by the man Anyim Pius Anyim is borne out of his input and output in activities carried out by him during his time as a Senate President. There is a firm belief that he will bring an end to the agitation of a South-eastern president in the affairs of the nation as it will instil in the populace the awareness and acceptance of the man by the people in the region.

During his time as the Senate President of the Federation, he stabilised the 4th Senate and brought about cohesion and tranquillity among the people. He took it upon himself to ensure that everyone is treated with equity and fairness and these traits are what the country needs from her leader as there seem to be a lot of unrest in some parts of the country.

His ideologies are germane and with his wealth of experience as a Senate President and the Secretary to the Federation, he will bring in a breath of fresh air as the compounding problems that have been posing as unsolvable, would become solved just like steam escaping from a kettle of hot water.

Anyim Pius Anyim, with the support of the South-eastern people will also bring to the fore the awareness that they are a people whose opinions matter as they are citizens of the country Nigeria. Power is not vested in the hands of a particular region and there is meant to be a chance given to the region to indicate fairness in all entireties.

In addition, with the privileges granted to him, he can understand the woes that betide the country and her citizens, the economic problems and their peculiarities from his vantage position which has prepared him for the task ahead of him. He knows that will leadership, comes service and leaders are called to serve.

He has been a member of the People´s Democratic Party from inception which shows how loyal he is to a cause. This is a trait worthy of emulation because it shows how consistent he is and how much of interest he has towards leading and serving the people of Nigeria in any office he is called in to render services.

The choice made here will also bring an end to not just accepting that the South-eastern people can be unified, but it will also close the gap between other regions in the country. It will leave in the people the love for oneness despite the difference in regions. It will also instil in the citizens the reason for togetherness and seeing one another as brothers and sisters.

In the aspect of religious practice seeing that we are a country with two major religions and other religious practices, the choice that has birthed Anyim Pius Anyim as a candidate for presidency will put to a halt the religious crises that sometimes engulf the country. He has proven to be capable as seen in his time as a Senate President where he intervened in settling disputes and bringing peace.

Choice made cannot be debated as this is a man whose works speak for him in all ramifications. We firmly believe that with all he has done in the past, he will in good faith carry on with his goodwill and move the country forward.

Furthermore, his ascend to the seat of leadership will take away all doubts that the other regions of the country harbour about the South-eastern region and replaced with positive ideas. The unending issues that have rocked all regions in the country will be dissolved and all agitations for supremacy and acceptance from the South-eastern region will be in the past like it never existed.

The beliefs in building strong institutions in place of holding onto power is another aspect that behoves his call to service. This is evident when he was the Senate President where he met a trouble filled Senate and with the help of other senators, he was able to build the Senate house to a level where it was fierce and a great defender of the constitution and strict adherence to the rule of law.

As a man of integrity, he does not care whose ox is gored with a great amount of fairness, equity and equality. He is just and true to mankind as seen in his time as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation where he put his experience in to use in managing inter- governmental affairs in the country.

In conclusion, his reputation precedes him and he has, beyond reasonable doubts to be the man not just the people of the South-eastern region needs but the country at large as this would bring a permanent solution to the crises in the country and an end to the agitation for the need of president from the South-eastern region.

Kamal Mustapha Azarema writes from Bauchi

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