Desperate Politicians Trying To Create Disaffection Between Goodluck Jonathan And President Buhari, Says Bayelsa APC Renewal Group


Desperate Politicians trying to create disaffection between Goodluck Jonathan and President Buhari, says Bayelsa APC Renewal Group.

We in the Bayelsa APC Renewal Group have observed with keen interest, happenings in the Nigerian polity, especially with respect to the forthcoming 2023 general elections in the country. We have also noted in our previous media releases that the 2023 election is a very serious one, perhaps the most important in the history of Nigeria, considering where we have found ourselves, as a nation today.

We equally acknowledged the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari has shown that he is in tune with the needs of Nigeria, going forward, so much so that he has not only made clear his interest in sustaining the achievements of his administration, but also working towards a transition process, which we believe, should produce, a suitably qualified successor. Even though President Buhari has not publicly announced his choice of a successor, the emergent heightened political speculations have kept the rumour mill running.

So much so that some characters wo do not mean well, especially those of the grumpy disgruntled ilk have gone to town to try and selfishly preempt his choice, by employing cheap blackmail tactics to get the President to swing in favour of their egocentric interests.

Our attention has therefore been drawn, to recent attempts to use media hacks to cast aspersions on the person of former President Goodluck Jonathan, with the aim of creating disaffection, in the cordial relationship, that Dr Goodluck Jonathan enjoys with President Muhammadu Buhari. We have noticed a pattern of narrative in the last few days being pushed by these people to orchestrate a portrayal of resistance on the part of Jonathan to his likely emergence as President Buhari and the ruling party ’s choice in the forthcoming presidential election.

In quick succession, we have seen social media stories with quite predictable and disingenuous headlines including ‘Jonathan Rejects Aso Rock Cabal’s Conditions For Getting APC Automatic Presidential Ticket’ and ‘Aso Rock Cabals slam Jonathan over Ticket Rejection’, cooked up by some undesirable elements to make the former President look bad. This trend of lies which sound familiar, we are told, are sponsored by enemies of progress, including some sore and duplicitous politicians of Bayelsa extraction who had always lost their campaigns and battles against Jonathan.

Against the tendentious and deceitful portrayals in those stories, former President Jonathan will continue to be himself; a well-loved man of peace, a selfless unifier, ever forgiving and accommodating and ready to give his all in service to his country.

We make bold to state that as a sincere democrat and leader with a heart and mind that is attuned towards the continued corporate existence of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan is ever disposed to defend and champion the good cause of Nigeria, over and above personal interest.

To frame the cordiality and conviviality between President Buhari and former President Jonathan as a game for personal benefit is to betray a chronic lack of knowledge on the character of both men.

It must be noted that, in keeping with his status as a former president, Dr. Jonathan has continued to deploy his considerable goodwill towards promoting peace and the unity of Nigeria since he left office. No doubt Dr. Jonathan has built a very convivial relationship with his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari, while showing no signs of bitterness towards him.

It must be stated without any equivocation that Dr Jonathan remains a proud son of Bayelsa, and a world class export in statesmanship, even as he has grown in stature as a model for how politics should be played. We will always stand by him and trust that he remains a man of his word, as he has always been and will always be so.

We challenge the faceless characters, who have been peddling the cheap and unintelligent attempts at assassinating his unimpeachable character and unwavering integrity, to come out of their shells and own their agenda. Their tactic of using pseudonyms, faceless and nameless ‘sources’ will not advance the course of their paymasters.

We know those behind this campaign and will not hesitate to name them, as the African saying that “it is the house rat that shows the bush rat the way around the house” most aptly describes their traitorous nature.

We shall no longer tolerate so called sons of Bayelsa allowing themselves to be used to pull down the brightest star of our dear state and a shining light of the country.

God bless Nigeria.

Yours sincerely,

Adonye Dressman


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