How About Shopping With Verve Cards At Jaw-Dropping Discounts

Imagine getting rewarded just for shopping at any of the Addideor Ebeano supermarkets all across Nigeria with your Verve card. Well, you do not need to imagine, as this can be your reality too. Verve cardholders will get jaw-dropping discounts through April 2022, sounds amazing, right? 

With the ‘Verve Supersaver Promo’, which was recently launched in collaboration with Ebeano and Addidesupermarkets, Verve users who have demonstrated their loyalty to the brand, will be rewarded with discounts on their purchases.

Not only will Verve cardholders enjoy a 3.5 percent discount anytime they shop at any of the Ebeano Supermarkets in April, they will equally get 10 percent off their purchases when they spend N5,000 or more with their Verve cards at any AddideSupermarket.

This stands to reason that, as a Verve cardholder, you participate in this reward promotion by shopping with your card. The discount packages were not only designed to reward the loyalty of Verve cardholders, but to also support their lifestyle needs.

Verve remains committed to supporting the lifestyle needs of its cardholders, and this time, customers of their favouritesupermarkets. For this reason, the Verve supersaver Promo was initiated; to reward cardholders and give them an opportunity to shop at these supermarkets at discounted rates.

This promo is particularly exciting because Ebeano and AddideSupermarkets are known for offering quality and varied products to customers. Therefore, Verve cardholders are encouraged to take advantage of this promo and enjoy awesome discounts while shopping.

Also, it is noteworthy that Verve cardholders do not have limitations as it relates to shopping and being rewarded with discounts. This is because Verve’s strategic partnerships with Ebeano and Addide will avail cardholders the privilege to purchase a variety of products on the shelves of these supermarkets as customers are furnished with a wide range of groceries and other household products.

So, what are you waiting for? Use your Verve Card today!

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