Amaechi’s Declaration As Referendum On His Presidential Ambition 

By Prince Ogbondah

Even though Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi,  deceptively tagged his declaration for President “Thanksgiving Service” as a facade to get unsuspecting dignitaries to the stadium for the event, the list of attendees was still a scathing disappointing referendum of his presidential ambition. 

Only those who are thinking can relate.

Now, let’s consider the following:

1. There are 36 State Governors in Nigeria. Of the 36, 22 are of the APC. Only one (Governor Lalong of Plateau) attended Amaechi’s declaration. 

2. There are 109 serving Senators in Nigeria. Only one attended Amaechi’s declaration (Senator Ali Ndume of Borno State) 

3. Of more than 22 members of the NWC of APC, only one (Chief Victor Giadom) attended Amaechi’s declaration. 

4. Of 360 House of Reps members in Nigeria, only three attended Amaechi’s declaration (two from Rivers and the Deputy Speaker,  a protege of Lalong)

5. There are 44 Ministers in Buhari’s cabinet who are colleagues of Amaechi. Only one (Gbemisola, Amaechi’s junior minister) attended Amaechi’s declaration.

6. Let’s look at Amaechi’s region, the south-south.  Of the six leaders of the party in the region, only one attended (Oshiomhole, who is now suggesting that he was cajoled with “Thanksgiving”.

These are the facts. Amaechi’s supporters will come here and throw abuses on me, but even a huge mounting of abuse will not subdue this mustard seed of the truth.

You call what happened in Port Harcourt Presidential declaration, I call it a referendum on Amaechi’s inordinate ambition.

Deal with it!

Prince Ogbondah

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