Bala Mohammed Campaign Spokesperson, Udenta Blasts Uzamere, Calls PDP NWC To Caution Erring Campaigns

The frontline presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] and the consensus candidate of the northern elders, Senator Bala Mohammed, the Governor of Bauchi State, has described Sen Uzamere as a disgrace to the party while urging the National Working Committee [NWC] to call to order the former Edo Senator and the campaign organization he represents over the recent uncouth, reprehensible , gutter sniping and irresponsible public statements he made against Sen Bala Mohammed.

This charge was made at a press briefing by the spokesperson of the Bala Mohammed Presidential Campaign, Prof Udenta O. Udenta in Abuja on Thursday where he berated Senator Ehigie Uzamere as a meddlesome interloper who peddles political dirt as a way of life. Prof Udenta while re stating Sen Bala Mohammed’s sterling credentials and unblemished public service record as a Director, Senator, Minister and Governor, vehemently called on the PDP NWC to quickly rein in such rogue political characters before they inflict damage on the culture of civility and cordiality that ought to define the primary campaign process.

“PDP does not need this type of acrimony now. We are having a family conversation. Unbecoming characters like Senator Uzamere whose stock in trade is to damage people’s reputation as a means of getting on in life, and indeed the campaign organization they are affiliated to or associated with must be cautioned by the NWC to avoid the situation from getting out of hand. The PDP must reign in those using uncouth language against other aspirants”.

The campaign spokesperson called the Senator from Edo State, a paid agent working towards the destabilization of the current climate of civility and cordiality that currently pervades the party.  He added that “we are not sure who Uzamere is working for but enough is enough. This will be our last studied and restrained response to his unprovoked attack against Sen Bala Mohammed. Next time around we will remove our gloves and go bare-knuckles with such unsavory individuals and the dark political forces and entities egging them on. Make no mistake about it, Sen Bala Mohammed’s campaign organization has the requisite communication skills, robust energy, intestinal fortitude and intellectual depth to take on such sleazy individuals without minding the consequences to party coherence unless the NEC does the needful”.

He also added that “Bala Mohammed holds Alhaji Abubakar Atiku in high regard and is sure Abubakar Atiku also holds Bala Mohammed in high regard and believes strongly that the effort of political clowns and creatures of the night like Uzamere will not damage the respect the two leaders have for one another”.

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