Eid-el-Fitr: Another Time For Sober Reflection-TUC

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) felicitates with all Muslims faithful for the sacrifice of fasting for a whole month to pray for themselves, loved ones and the progress of the country. The Labour Center who thanked Allah for His blessings and encouraged all Nigerians to spread joy, share love and ensure the country is peaceful and prosperous added that this is another time for sober reflection.
The President of Congress, Comrade Quadri Olaleye, FCIA, MNIM, in a statement, called on everyone, especially people in authority to show concern about the state of the country and work to restore her lost glory.  He said that we deceive ourselves if we pretend as if we do not have challenges as a country,  adding that only Nigerians can solve the challenges and not foreigners.  
The labour leader lamented that he is disturbed by the  increasing  loss  of the lives  of  innocent Nigerians through kidnapping, terrorism and  armed bandits , etc.  He said that he never believed that people could kidnap or kill for money.  “In the past, travelling was fun but now a huge risk; it is even worst if you go by road.  It hurts that in the Nigeria of today people sell houses,  cars and other belongs to pay ransom. 
 This is strange and all hands must be on deck to address the menace.”Comrade Olaleye  noted  with  concern  the  collapse of the industrial sector and the gradual relocation of companies to neighbouring countries. He attributed the ugly development to the reason unemployment and crime are on the increase. Even those working can barely feed.
 “How do we process it, that politicians who claim their states cannot pay a paltry N30, 000 minimum wage are paying millions of naira for presidential, gubernatorial and other forms? They should know that Nigerians are not fools.”
In the spirit of Eid-al-Fitri, we call on our political and religious leaders as well as traditional rulers to show compassion and love for Nigerians and work to positively transform our dear country. Above all, now that we have completed the fast we must ensure we do not go back to our old ways, else the exercise will end up becoming a ritual and without spiritual significance.  
Signed:Comrade Quadri Olaleye, FCIA, MNINPresident30th April, 2022

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