Climate Change: Igbajo Community Launches Tree Planting scheme

The Igbajo community in Osun State has launched an ambitious 2 million tree planting scheme.

The scheme is part of the activities of the just concluded 33rd Igbajo Day Celebration held from April 10 to April 16, 2022.

It is part of the process to kick start the Igbajo Plank Industry 2.0 that involves the building of a world-class wood sawmill to domesticate the plank business from tree planting to wood processing.

Mr. Sola Fanawopo, President of the Igbajo Development Association in a statement issued noted that “the story of how our forefathers built century-old plank business in Ibadan is a thing of joy. Our tree planting campaign will kick start the Igbajo Plank Industry 2.0. It is also in fulfilment of the federal government’s pledge to plant 25 million trees in Nigeria to enhance carbon sink as part of the country’s efforts to implement the Paris climate change agreement.”

Fanawopo said the community has identified the expanse of land at Kiriji Memorial College and both sides of Igbajo main river from Egulu to Agbearaka and beyond as the main hubs of the tree planting strategy.

He therefore invited all Igbajo sons and daughters – businesses and individuals alike to plant a tree today, “as we commence the process of building Igbajo Plank Industry 2.0.”

Asiwaju Adegboyega Awomolo SAN, the Asiwaju of Igbajoland, while planting a tree at the Owa’s palace in Igbajo, appealed to hunters and farmers to stop the menace of bush burning so that the scheme would be successful.

Mr. Soladoye Gbenjo, the Chairman of the Tree Planting and Plank Industry 2.0 scheme informed that ornamental trees are to be planted on both sides of the Igbajo Circular road and the roads leading to Igbajo from Ada, Edemosi and Imesi-Ile. “This is to make Igbajo a green town and tourist center,” he declared.

He commended the State of Osun Ministry of Environment for the donation of 2,000 seedlings to kick start the scheme.  

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