We Want To Inspire The World With Our Songs, Say Quickteller Barz And Notes Finalists

For the top six contestants, this is the moment they have been waiting for. The time for serious business! The time to leverage the Quickteller Barz and Notes Music talent show to showcase their talents, as well as show the world the stuff they are made of. 

The first episode of the talent show started on a high note as the top six finalists recounted how they got to know about the show; what inspired their stage names; and how their musical journey started.

The budding stars were particularly excited that they will get to record their original songs during the show in addition to being mentored by A-List artistes and producers.

The six contestants include: Prince Macaulay-Smith aka Milly May Pod; Martins Asogwa aka Marrz; Emmanuel Elijah aka Eljay; Ann Nankling Damar aka Annie Daymar; Bobby Philip Eze aka Bobbi Phillie; Okechukwu Chiamaka Lovette aka Amakarh. 

You can tell from their zeal to make good music that they will inspire the world that in no time, and soon become global stars. For the greater part of the first episode, they all shared their individual experiences of how they started and sought fulfillment in their music career.

Eljay revealed that he started singing from his church’s childrenchoir after which he progressed to the adult choir. This movedeepened his music career, according to him, as churches started inviting him for their concerts. This marked the beginning of his journey as an artiste.

On her part, Annie Daymar said she picked interest in singing at a tender age of 7 years; she further took it serious in junior secondary school when her seniors told her she has a lovely voice.

Marrz said he has always been into music, noting that whenever he sings people commend him. While growing up, he listened to a lot of Drake and Lil Wayne’s songs. These songs inspired him to express himself freely and stay focused on music. 

Milly May Pod said he did everything possible to ensure he made it in music. Along the line, he became an MC, hypeman, a manual labourer, salesboy, farmer, but he came back to music because he enjoys doing it.

Bobbi Phillie said he started music by doing covers of people’s song. His first experience in the studio was when he was working in a boutique, his colleague did a song and he rappedon it and when the song was released the reception was mind-blowing.

Amakarh said she knew she was going to do music since 2017 and at the time, her friend that works with Mavin Records gave her some pointers. Afterwards, she started writing songs for some popular Nigerian celebrities before she started doing music for herself.

The first episode ended with so much to look forward to as they were enthusiastic of using music to inspire fans. Perhaps you have missed the first episode of the Quickteller Barz and Notes show, you can still watch it now on YouTube.

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