Ekiti 2022: Mammoth Crowd Welcomes Accord Candidate, Famuyibo, To Aramoko…Ido-Osi Also Stands Still

A joyous and mammoth crowd welcomed the candidate of Accord Party in the June 18 Ekiti State governorship election, Basorun Reuben Famuyibo to Aramoko Ekiti, when his campaign train berthed in the ancient town on Wednesday afternoon.A statement by Famuyibo’s Special Adviser on Media nad Publicity, Olajide Omojolomoju, stated that the crowd, made up of the young and the old, male and female, welcomed Famuyibo into Aramoko-Ekiti with drumming, dancing and singing.The elated crowd not only welcomed Famuyibo with pomp and pageantry, but also prayed for his victory at the forthcoming election.Addressing the gathering, the state Secretary of Accord Party, Engr. Phillips Adeniji, informed the crowd that the party went all the way to Ibadan to plead with Basorun Famuyibo to join the gubernatorial race to help deliver Ekiti State from the bondage and poverty that incumbent and previous administrations have subjected Ekiti and her people to, promising them that a vote for Famuyibo is a vote for the total emancipation of Ekiti and her people.In his speech, Famuyibo told the people that he is unhappy with the present situation Ekiti people have been put into, insisting that his joining the race for the governorship of Ekiti is to liberate the people from the shackles of poverty, hunger, insecurity and unemployment, lamenting a situation where graduates have become okada riders, just to make ends meet.He condemned the situation where parents, after struggling to send their children to school, still continue to provide for such children, instead of the children taking care of their parents.He further promised all of such will become a thing of the past if given the opportunity to assume the mantle of leadership in Ekiti State come June 18.He said that it is his desire to see that Ekiti is delivered from the hands of those who have seen Ekiti State as their cash cow and personal fiefdom, lamenting what he described as governnace by inheritance or proxy, where when a governor is leaving, he imposes his own candidate on the state, citing the cases of Ayo Fayose in 2018 and now and Kayode Fayemi in the current dispensation.He added that what is even more worrisome and regrettable is that the candidate of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, APC, was imposed by the wife of the state governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, while that of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is Fayose’s stooge.He appealed to the people to vote for him so that he can bring the good life to Ekiti and her people, saying that his Seven-Point Agenda, themed SHELTER, will take care of every facet of life in the state and ensure that every one in Ekiti lives meaningful life.Reacting, the people pledged their unalloyed support for Basorun Famuyibo and promised to vote massively for him, come June 18; they also prayed the Almighty God to crown his efforts with victory and success.They however challenged him not to be like others, but to ensure that he fulfills the promises he is making to the people when he becomes the governor.Earlier, at Ido-Ekiti, Famuyibo was given a rousing and tumultuous reception, when his campaign train landed in the town.He promised not to disappoint Ekiti people if they give him the mandate to oversee the affairs of Ekiti come June 18, assuring the people of better life when his administration takes off.The people of Ido Osi also pledged their support for his aspiration, promising to vote massively for him come June 18.

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