Stop The Terrorists Influx Into Nigeria


Buoyed by the spectacular achievement of Major-General Muhammadu Buhari in his rabid drive of the undisguised Fulanization Agenda, 16 countries where the pastoral Fulani could be found were emboldened to gather in Abuja recently to perfect their grand design of taking over the Nigerian space by hook or crook.

The theme of their meeting, hosted by the Unitary Government headquartered in Abuja, was the Future of the Fulani in Nigeria or better put, Stairs to the complete Conquest and Subjugation of the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria.

Nobody has been left in doubt that President Buhari who is the Grand Patron of the ubiquitous and muscle-flexing Miyetti Allah [which has unabashedly owned up to serial bloodletting in Plateau, Benue and Taraba states] and also the preferred Chief Negotiator for the one of the world’s leading Terrorist Groups, Boko Haram [‘Attack on Boko Haram is attack on the North’—Buhari 2014] is bent on completing the ferocious Jihad of 1848 on behalf of the Caliphate.

The die is cast! Tens of large trucks, with Dangote boldly written on some of them, carrying heavily armed terror recruits, are seen on daily basis flooding borderless Nigeria with the avowed intent to unleash unmitigated mayhem and mass massacre on defenceless indigenous peoples of Nigeria on a scale never before seen anywhere in Africa.

In fact, by the time they finish the execution of their heartless and horrendous crime against humanity, the Rwanda’s better-forgotten genocide would be a child’s play in comparison.

In October 2018 a critical group, The G9, raised alarm about the invasion of the Southern and Middle Belt regions of Nigeria by sponsored Okada Riders kitted with motorcycles and weapons hidden on their covered seats *[*Hallmark Newspapers 18/10/2018].

An interview conducted in the University city of Ago-Iwoye by the Convener of The G9 revealed that over 1000 Okada riders were exported to that town alone by sponsors from Sokoto, Katsina, Zamfara, Kano and other areas in that core North West region of Nigeria. ‘None of us could afford the cost of a bicycle talkless of brand-new motorcycles and we have no knowledge of this town. We sleep in open spaces or any unoccupied building’ one of the interviewees said.A similar scenario was exposed in an article titled ‘Fulani Herdsmen and Condoned Terrorism’ written by this writer and posted by News Express 11th May 2015.

Where do we go from here? Following the alarm raised in 2018 about the massive invasion of the Middle Belt and the entire Southern regions of Nigeria by invidious Okada riders and their insidious sponsors, visits were made to all South West governors to educate them about the serious irreversible security implication of the influx and the need for them to take urgent retroactive steps.

Leading voices, including traditional rulers, in the Yoruba communities were equally spoken to. The Governors were specifically advised to take advantage of the mood of that moment when North West Governors were expelling non-indigenous Almajiris from their respective states. The so-called political leaders were too timid to take any action. Now their Guinea- worm has festooned to cancerous sore.

One is always made to wonder if there were no representatives of the Middle Belt and Southern peoples in the Unitary Government in Abuja where all decisions inimical to the safety, security, economic well-being of their people were being taken. What are all the Ministers in Abuja doing? Are they blind to the daily slaughtering of their people in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina, Taraba, Benue, Plateau, Kogi, the entire Eastern, Western and South-South regions? Are there no policemen from these terrorized sections of the country? Are all the soldiers and security personnel from only one section of the country? Are all the peoples of Nigeria under a spell that they watch in seeming helplessness as the beautiful lands of their forefathers are being daily assaulted and plundered?

It has been said a million times that Dictators don’t emerge overnight. It is in fact the docility and timidity of collaborators and executors of tyrannical acts of dictators that breed tyranny. No one man however powerful, wicked, cunning and controlling can make himself a god unless permitted by cowardly, self-serving, hugely corrupt sycophants.All the leaders of Nigerian space, I mean those who still consider themselves men and women of honour, who are proud and determined to answer to their parents’ names should stand-up to be counted. Governors must immediately call themselves to action and combine to STOP the ceaseless influx of terrorists into Nigeria. And similar efforts must be expended to rein in all those deposited in the bushes and forests waiting for signals from their sponsors to start killing off innocent people across the land.

Governor El-Rufai and Sheik Gumi said they know the locations of these terrorists and kidnappers, they even have their phone numbers….Ministers and all members of the National Assembly who are not party to the ruinous Agenda of Fulanization must rise up and STOP this calamitous Agenda.

They cannot continue to be blinded and deafened by the unprecedented looting of the national treasury going on all over the country.Traditional rulers should stop lamenting. Go back to your ancestors and do what they did to preserve the sacred stools you now sit on. If they had been cowards and bribable, the thrones you inherited would have ceased to exist.

The dethroned and dehumanized Hausa Bakwai and Hausa Christians Foundation should buck up and re-read their histories. They should immediately join hands with the Indigenous Nationalities Restoration Congress and free themselves from age-long enslavement and oppression. No people are ever held down forever.

The Roman Empire collapsed. The Ottoman Empire exploded. The British Empire now lives in its shadow and will soon become history especially with certain exit of Scotland, the Wales and Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom. If Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade/Slavery could end in spite of the Anglo-American savagery, if the inglorious Apartheid could collapse, if Cecil Rhodes could kiss the dust in Rhodesia, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.One really wonders why the nomadic Fulani dotted across West Africa could ever imagine or dream of giving the Hausa treatment to the rest of Nigeria of Year 2022!

None of the better known 7 Nomadic Communities in the world; the Kochi people of southern and eastern Afghanistan, the Bedouin people of Negev desert, the Sami people of Scandinavia with sprinkles in Russia, the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania, the Mongols living in China’s northern border with Russia and Mongolia, the roaming Gaddi people of India, or the Pikers, the Irish travellers ostracized and scorned as criminals and worse, would ever get it into their skulls that they could conquer or displace the indigenous peoples of the countries where they are graciously sheltered. They are sensible enough, despite their wild, habitually uncultured and violent traits to know that it would be suicidal for them to plunge into such gamble.It is sad that for the next twelve months governance would take flight from Nigeria and flesh-eating commercial politics would take the front seat; Nigerians should not allow themselves to continue to be kicked in the ass by soulless politicians who have impoverished them to the bone.Nigerians should call the bluff of these mercenary politicians who cannot walk the streets of their communities without heavy security escort. No Nigerian political office holder from top to bottom can travel by road from Abuja to their towns and villages unless they are shielded by heavy weaponry. Is that a life? Is that the true representation of the constituents?Our President, General Muhammadu Buhari, should be reminded that we have had Fulani Heads of State before. Gentleman Shehu Shagari was Fulani. And there was Tafawa Balewa before him. There was Fulani General Buhari as Military head of state even though tainted with draconian extremism.

There was the unforgettable and decent Patriot named Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. None of them carried Fulani Agenda on their lapel. It is my prayer that history should be kind to Buhari but he must from today ‘with immediate effect’ begin to dismantle the web that brought the Fulani from all over West Africa to descend on Nigeria and forcibly take over the country.It is worth emphasizing that nobody heard of or talked of the nomadic Fulani ethnic group 23 years ago. For centuries they hid themselves under the umbrella of the Hausa nation calling themselves Hausa-Fulani, a nomenclature that defined no specific identity. They also hid under the highly developed Hausa language, hardly speaking or projecting their Fulfulde language until a Khalifa arrived the scene and started unbridled imposition and domination with nauseating arrogance, shameless nepotism and in-your-face impunity.I don’t think our President is happy that it is during his ‘reign’ that the Naira was reduced to toilet paper. With all the atrocities laid at General Abacha’s feet, he stabilized the Nigerian economy throughout his four-and-a-half-year maximum rule. He did not borrow from IMF or World Bank and the Naira stabilized at 99 Naira to a Dollar. Not the downward slipping Naira at 600+ to a Dollar courtesy Emeifele, the Caliphate’s faithful servant.On a final note, Nigerian political office holders should remember that their action or inaction today would come to haunt them forever while taking into account that once they are out of office they become as vulnerable as the common men they have bedraggled.

Twenty-year-old pounded yam may turn out to be steaming hot….I pray that the time will not come when politicians will be pelted with stones and rocks or even be killed or burnt alive by angry citizens of this country. People may forgive injuries done to them but they never forget and are likely to revenge whenever the opportunity is available.By the way, what did Jesus say about the SWORD?

“ But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one” [Luke 22:36-38]

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