Pastor Femi Paul Unending Battles With His Wife

When it wants to rain, it literally pours, that is what can be said for the Founder and General Overseer of Grace Assembly, Rev Dr Femi Paul as he battles his marital challenges. This situation has made a lot of people to worry what manner of Clergy is PFP as fondly called and why is he having marital issues at the age of 60? The couple have been called to sheath their swords and let the sleeping dogs lie. This situation has literally torn the church apart making reasonable people to desert the church. Located on a rented property on Yard 58, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos. The church has been having one squabble to another and this has resulted to dwindling of members as a result of this. It is said that many of the church members are not comfortable with the way things are going prompting them to take their leave and not to be associated with the scandal rocking the church allegedly. Basically, at the Centre of this storm, which many people have said to be unchristian like is the wife of Pastor Femi, this marital problem has been going on for over 4 years now, this has made people to question the forgiveness spirit in the couple, especially the clergy as espoused and commanded by the Bible which say that we should endeavor to always forgive. The marriage was so problematic that the wife of Pastor Femi Paul left the Lagos Mainland branch for the Lekki Branch of the church. At the Lekki branch, the wife of General Overseer wasn’t allowed to take her authority as it is the tradition in Pentecostal Churches, she was relegated to the background by an order. There was report of show of power between her and the pastors at the Lekki branch to the utter dismay of the congregation. The wife had to stop attending the church and eventually left the church. Devastated and worried over the marital problem, Pastor Femi Paul irrespective of efforts of church elders to intervene proved abortive. This was one of the main reasons Pastor Femi Paul couldn’t celebrate his 60th birthday recently because of the scandal this marriage is causing him. Many influential partners and supporters of his church have left the church. Recently, when some media personalities visited the church, some reliable members were interviewed on what led to the couple’s separation. Some who replied said that it’s only God that can reunite and joined both couples together that the two has parted ways over four years which led to the ministry draining by the day, members withdraws from the church, some has even backslided from the faith in the cause of it. Surprisingly, those who are supposed to show example are now victims of samples. It was also gathered that a source very close to the wife said that she would soon open a can of worms that will shake the Pentecostal community and leadership! The question on the lips of people close to the warring couples is: What will be the next step of action the wife will take?It will be recalled that Pastor Femi Paul has not been lucky with his marriage(s). His marriage to his first wife collapsed because PFP was advised by a mentor who’s said to be leading a ROCKY CHURCH somewhere in Lekki that beating a woman is not a bad idea. The church was within a Television station around Agidingbi then. And before you say Jesus is Lord, the marriage collapsed like pack of cards.

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