Osun 2022: Group Congratulates INEC And The People Of Osun For A Transparent And Peaceful Election

Centre for Democracy and Socio-Economic Rights (CEDESER), has congratulated the Independent National Electoral Commission for conducting another transparent and credible election in Osun on Saturday 16 July 2022 just as it did in Ekiti state last month.

The President of the group, Michael Popoola Ajayi in a statement on Sunday described the election process from distribution of materials and personnel to the conduct of the election, application of BVAS and declaration of the results as seamless and transparent.

Ajayi said; “The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), just like it did in Ekiti state last month shows the Commission has truly up it game in readiness for the 2023 general elections with the seamless distribution of election materials, personnel , conduct of the election and the swiftness with which the results were collated and declared.

“The Commission’s huge investment in technology has drastically if not totally eliminated incidences of manipulation and falsification of election results in the country as the outcome of the Saturday’s election in Osun state was a true reflection of people’ desires and preferences.

” The group also congratulated and commended the security agencies, the media, other observer groups and the people of Osun for ensuring that the election was conducted in a peaceful manner.

“We equally congratulates and commends the security agencies for their professional conduct before and during the election, the sacrifices and contributions of other stakeholders like domestic and foreign observer groups and the media for success of the election.

“ But more importantly, we congratulates the people of Osun state especially the youths and first-time-voters who came out in their numbers to exercise their democratic franchise peacefully”.

While congratulating the winner, Senator Ademola Adeleke, the group admonished him not to see the outcome of the election as a personal victory and or trophy but result of the people’s resolve.

“ As we congratulate the winner, Senator Ademola Adeleke, he should not see the outcome of the election as a personal victory or trophy handed him due to his popularity or the preeminence of his strategies over that of his opponents but the consequence of the determination of the people.

“He should therefore put on his thinking cap on how to meet the yearnings and the high expectations of the people so as not to disappoint them in the end. He must also be prepared to rally and work with all stakeholders in the state including his opponents bearing in mind the lean resources of the state. To whom more is given, more is excepted.

“The losers in the election should see this as an opportunity to learn lessons.” Ajayi said.

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