Officials In Buhari’s Govt Benefitting From Boko Haram, SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo Adewole …..Says It’s Easier To Defeat Boko Haram Than Those Benefitting From It

Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Prince Adebayo Adewole, has indicted officials of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for the security crisis in Nigeria.

Adebayo made this assertion while he featured on Channels Television current affairs program, Politics Today, on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said the security crisis has continued to fester because those in charge are profiting from the crisis, adding that it’s easier to defeat the Boko Haram than those benefiting from it.

Adebayo, who maintains that it if elected, he would end Boko Haram in six months by following the necessary steps.

He also berated the National Assembly for not doing enough despite the fact that they have oversight functions on the security budget.

He, however, applauded the steps taken by the senate, having meetings with the service chiefs.

He said; “Up until last week, there were actually doing nothing. What they are doing now is what they ought to be doing on daily basis. They have oversight over security budget. If you look at terrorism act 2011, they ought to ensure that it’s been implemented. They ought to have admitted they have failed and take measures. I have been advising them up till last week on steps to be taken.”

Continuing, he said; “the major problems of insecurity in Nigeria are five manifestation. The first one is that there’s no proper governance structure dealing with security. The commander in Chief functions requires that you should have the best intelligence. There’s no attention to intelligence. There are something people outside are familiar with that Buhari don’t know.

“The president said he was shocked. He shouldn’t be shocked. What of over 40 intelligence that was provided. Failure in Intelligence. They are not managing the security properly, they only focus on VIPs protection. Managing security with our neighbors: During the Liberian crisis, the military the Under Gen Ibrahim Babangida didn’t allow it to fester. He formed what was then known as ECOMOG to deal decisively with the situation.”

On Farmers/Herders clash, Adebayo said there must also be justice.

“The people in Government should not become part of the business in the crisis. The more insecurity you have, the more money they make. A lot of people inside the Government are making money from the crisis . It’s easier to defeat Boko Haram than those benefiting from it. The Headquarters of Boko Haram is the Nigerian Government.

“Nigerian Military is very good and the officers are very well trained . On the ratio of one to 100. Our army has 95 per cent and Boko Haram is just five percent. Some people in Buhari’s Govt are making money from Boko Haram. There’s corruption and collusion.

“With due respect to the President, his best is not good enough. He must have forgotten everything a soldier should remember. He has said he doesn’t know why. Nigerian army is extremely strong . When you see a dog chasing a lion, that’s an abnormality.”

Speaking on the comment credited to Kaduna state Governor, Malam el-Rufai recently that President Buhari was not on the know that Boko Haram threatened to kidnap him until he informed him, Adebayo said; “What I will fix first is infighting. Where one failure is another ones success. People who have no acumen or proper briefings will not have a place in my Govt.”

On N1.4bn worth of vehicles to Niger Republic, Adebayo said; “I’m sad. Where we supposed to have Government , we have like boys scout. There are agencies created by Government to do security relations with our neighbors. They are doing this for corruption. The Government is not accountable to Nigerians and may be giving away so many things to foreign governments.

“ASUU is on strike because people in government want to keep spending ASUU’s money. There could be fraud there. A government that’s giving palliative that no one can see. A government that the accountant general of the federation is been prosecuted for over N100billion. There’s no transparency.”

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