Beware Of Fraudsters, NADECO Has No Existing Office In US—Opadokun

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The attention of the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO, has been drawn to a Press Release issued by a so called NADECO, USA, with no attribution or known address on August 1, 2022. We like to state without any equivocation that:

 1. NADECO has no existing branch in the USA having regard to the fact that a Global Conference of the organization presided over by its then Leader, Chief Anthony Enahoro at Virginia, USA in October/November, 1999 decided to wind down its international operations and activities henceforth. And there has been no discussion and or decision to reopen any office outside Nigerian shore till date. 

2. NADECO believes that Nigerians either as individuals or groups have their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and the press as provided for in Section 39 of Chapter IV dealing with Fundamental Human Rights and Directive Principle of State Policy of the DISPUTED 1999 Constitution. However, such a right does not permit anyone to commit perjury by using other people’s name or platform. If anyone is sure of the conviction of his heart, the person should be bold enough to create personal or group platform to canvass chosen views and opinions.

 3. NADECO is ever sensitive to its image and reputation so much that it has always maintained dignified silence whenever it was in the national interest to do so and to be bold and courageous to speak truth to power whenever there was a necessity for national intervention. And we are not about to change course by using expletives on any public officer rather than criticizing the wrongly headed issues being pursued by the Nigerian State. 

4. NADECO believes truly that the Nigerian State is on the wrong course and the wasteful energy being invested over 2023 general elections amount to misdirected pursuit of a sectional rather than national agenda. What has been the benefits of all the elections already held since 1998/1999 except that they have produced misguided, perverted and ethically unfit for public office fellows sponsored to important political offices by retired military strongmen and their civilian collaborators who have captured Nigeria by the Gulak since January 15, 1966. 

5. NADECO wishes to state without any reservation that election is not the National priority but Diligent Pursuit of Agenda to RETURN NIGERIA TO FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE upon which it secured her independence. 

6. NADECO therefore hereby informs the general public, both local and general that NADECO as a body of respected statesmen, civil and military, ethnic nationality leaders, civil society organizations, religious and traditional rulers, women, youth, academia, professional groups e.t.c which presented itself to the public in May 1994 has no connection whatsoever with the so called NADECO, USA, which bore no address or attribution. 

Ayo Opadokun

General Secretary9/8/2022

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