You Once Abandoned PDP, Your Arrogance Will Consume You, Group Tells Ayu

A socio-political group, the One Nigeria Movement (ONM) has said that it was uncharitable and the height of arrogance for the PDP National Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, to describe those calling for his resignation as people who were children when the party was being formed.

The group said it was funny that the same Ayu, who abandoned PDP for Action Congress (AC) in 2007 and worked against the PDP can still refer to himself as founding father of the party.

According to a statement on Wednesday, by its Convener General, Ahmed Sodiq-Mugoro and Secretary, Babatunde Aliyu, ONM, said, Ayu is like a father who left his house and abandoned his children only to come back years after and be claiming authority over the house that the children he abandoned prevented from collapsing.

If others had left the party in 2007 like Ayu did, will there be a PDP for him to preside over with aura of arrogance as he is doing?PDP was formed in 1998 and as at that time, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State will be 32 years. So in the estimation of Ayu, a 32 year-old man is a kid?

As at 1992, that Ayu was Senate President, how old was he? Was he not just 40 year-old? Was he not a Minister at 44? Did he not also come back to be minister at 57?So when he was Senate President at 40, was he called a kid? Was he a kid when he was a minister at 44?

To us, elders like Ayu, who look down on everyone around them like they are his children are not fit to be at the helm of affairs of reasonable people and we blame the likes of Governor Wike for bringing him out of his farm where he was already living his live as a retired politician and made him PDP chairman.

While advising the PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, to dissociate himself from the offensive and insulting statement of Ayu, the ONM, said it was either Atiku dissociate himself or be seen as someone who also sees even a 50 year old Nigerian as a kid, just like Ayu.

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