Lagos 2023: When Will Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Leave Jandor Out Of His Political Misfortune, Informed By Selfishness?By Akeem Orebiyi

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the factional gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party was on Arise TV this Morning committing own goal by accusing the focused gubernatorial candidate of Lagos PDP, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor) of being a “stranger” in PDP before grabbing the ticket of the party.

What the GRV, the serial defector didn’t remember to say was that Jandor went through the due processes of PDP laid primaries election procedure to defeat him alongside other contenders as against him that is not just a stranger in Labour Party ,but swindler who wanted to reap where he hasn’t sown, before meeting his Waterloo In Ifagbemi Awamaridi.

Just like Jandor, Gbadebo came into the PDP in 2019 from the defunct KOWA party and was handed over a senatorial ticket by Chief Bode George.

Those that were not favoured then didn’t leave for another party, they waited in the party and worked for Gbadebo during the election.

GRV said on Arise tv that refusal of Jandor to nominate him as deputy, despite being the choice of some Leaders in Lagos PDP, and that all LGA party Chairmen signed for him to be picked as deputy Governor to jandor was the reason he left for Labour Party.

The question Gbadebo should answer is that how many of the LGA chairmen went with him, how many of the leaders are with him in Labour Party today.

The same Gbadebo who didn’t remember he also picked a stranger like him to be his running mate as factional Guber Candidate of Labour Party has the temerity to accuse Jandor. What a double standard?

When I listened to him indicting the likes of Chief Bode George as being his sponsor in Labour Party, I quickly imagine how regrettable the PDP Leader would be to have supported a political neophyte like GRV…that’s if it’s true anyway. But he did so much damage to himself and the Leader.

It is important to reiterate that it is the exclusive preserve of the Governorship Candidate to choose his deputy and I think JANDOR decided to choose a running mate who shares his vision for Lagosians and will add value to his guber ticket.

I expect Mr. Rhodes-Vivour to focus his attention on his attempt to hijack the guber ticket of the Labour Party and the attendant litigations instituted by the authentic candidate of the party instead of whining endlessly over his misfortune in the Lagos PDP. I advise JANDOR not be bothered by tantrums from an individual who thought a party ticket should be handed over to him without lifting a finger at the expense of credible and competent party members.

The task of rescuing Lagos State from the corrupt dynasty of a godfather who has held the state by the jugular for over two decades should be of paramount interest to all Lagos PDP members and the good people of the state who have seen the PDP as the only credible alternative.

PDP should committed to this project and ignore the likes of Mr. Rhodes-Vivour.

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