Dele Alake’s Tale By Moonlight On Channels TV…..

by Adeola Soetan

But Abibatu Mogaji (RIP) Tinubu’s mother was a rich woman right from her youthful age as a successful trader, so how come his brilliant son, Tinubu, was so poor to attend Pry & Sec. schools?

Inferring from Alake’s lies of many colours on television.

Alake descended so low to have said that possibly there were not enough primary and secondary schools during the growth of Tinubu a 70 year old man, when much much older leaders like Herbert Macaulay went to CMS Grammar School., Awolowo attended BBHS Abeokuta, , Nnamdi Azikiwe attended Methodist Boys High School, , Ahmadu Bello and Aminu Kano went to Barewa College, ,Bola Ige was at Ibadan Grammar School, Baba Adekunle Ajasin attended St. Andrews College, Oyo between (1924–1927) before proceeding to Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone in 1943, Funmilayo Kuti went to Abeokuta Grammar School in 1914. Even Oba Oyekan (RIP) born in 1911 attended Methodist Boys High School and King’s College. . Haba!

Mr. Dele Alake. Ok, granted that Tinubu studied at home because he was too poor or there were not enough schools then for him to attend, at least he must have sat for exam as a correspondence student.

Dele Alake should have told us what exam Tinubu wrote and which “correspondence certificate he used to gain admission into Chicago state university.

Was it GCE London or West Africa or Cambridge O’Level or which? Or the brilliant” Ajantala” boy who studied at home just walked into the university just like that and was given admission without submitting any certificate?

That’s interesting No university would do that 70 years ago. All this Alake’s tale by moonlight negated Tinubu’s earlier claim by affidavit in 1999 of attending St. Paul’s Primary School, Aroloya Lagos and Government College Ibadan which had been disproved.

I don’t know what Alake wanted to achieve by telling us that Clinton was not ex-president Clinton’s father’s name but of his stepfather. Well, may be he wanted us to make deductions from his rabble rousing, lies or half-truths. Is he suggesting that there must have been name change or identity theft along Tinubu’s life trajectory? Hence the aggression, volte-face, unnecessary diversion, antics and subterfuge to defend and defend him with uncoordinated lies and “may bes”. You do not sell a good product with “May Be” you give full details willingly.

Issues in politics and leadership start with identity, character and integrity, even in matrimonial relationship, employment and friendship Tinubu spokesmen, sychophantic followers and marketers should be honest and consistent with one line of lies, repeat it severally may be it can sound true one day to dumbest ears instead of potpourri of variegated lies which make them to look stupid always.

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