We’ll Only Support Presidential Candidate With Labour Friendly Manifesto—Labour Unions

An amalgamation of Labour group, Campaign for transformative governance, has vowed to support only presidential candidate whose programs and manifesto are Labour friendly.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday, the group said it would ensure that they hold politicians to their promises and only those whose programs and manifesto are focusing on how to alleviate the suffering of the masses will be voted for in 2023 general election.

Led by Jaiye Gaskia, the group which comprise members from TUC, AUPCTRE and Federation of Informal Labour Union maintained that the Labour has always being at the receiving end of bad policies by the political leaders over the years.

The group also said it state affiliates will organise town hall meetings with different political parties to know their programs and how it will impact positively on the people.

The group listed their priorities such as education, healthcare, transportation.Gaskia also opined that there is need for human security such as food, human capital development etal.

He said; “The citizens must be politically conscious so that they will make informed choices based on their personal evaluation of the candidates to deliver and not based on ethnic, race or religious sentiments.

“We’ll organise debate and we’ll encourage state chapters to extract commitment from the candidates so that they can mobilize and support only candidates with Labour friendly programs.

Corroborating Gaskia, Gbenga Komolafe, General Secretary, Federation of Informal Workers, said the issue around the healthcare is a great concern to the informal sector.

“We are concerned because even the lady politicians are not talking about the issues that affects us such as electricity. There’s no program to provide organised workplace for the people to work.

“These are issues we want political campaign to address and it’s not been addressed now. Like in Lagos, they are banning OKADA’s without providing alternative.

“Our people should be more informed in order to make an informed choices. We are not concerned about religion, but we want them to be accountable to campaign promises and their manifesto, and even the constitution because section 16 of Nigerian constitution talks about providing healthcare for our people.” He added.

For AUPCTRE, the people must be able to track the budget and ensure that what has been budgeted for is implemented.

The Representatives of TUC, Mr Anthony said the group will ensure that politicians deliver on the three pillars namely: Public service delivery, Human capital development & political education. Comrade Toyin Shokunbi said workers should vote wisely and ensure that they hold the politicians to their promises.

“We want politicians that are compassionate. We want politicians that will ensure our students go back to school.

“In Lagos, the transportation and housing are big issues. So we must ensure that we can also use our power of recall against any politician that goes contrary to his or her manifesto.”

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