Group Cautions Against Attack On Policemen……..Condemns Misinterpretation Of FPRO Statement

Coalition for Protection of Citizens Rights (CPCR), has cautioned Nigerians, particularly those on the Social media, not to misconstrue the recent persistent disciplinary actions, by the leadership of the Nigeria Police, under IGP Usman Baba Alkali, as a license, towards engaging in illegitimate means, in addressing grievances, with men and officers, of the Nigeria Police Force, as this may easily become, a recipe for Anarchy in the country.

The group said the call became necessary in view of the recent incidences of physical assault, of uniformed Police personel, as being widely circulated on the Social media, in several instances, saying this portend a danger, as some unscrupulous elements may take advantage of attempt by genuinely aggrieved Nigerians, to unleash terror on security operatives, which in turn, will be counterproductive, to the safety of lives and properties of Nigerians.

Speaking through a Press Statement jointly signed on Monday in Lagos, by Olufemi Lawson, and Comrade Jude Ochiagha, the group condemned, what it termed, as a deliberate sensationalism, of a statement, credited to the Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, where he advised Nigerians, whose rights may be violated by any policeman, not to resort to physical retaliation, but rather make formal complain about the conduct of such policemen, to the appropriate authority for necessary action, a statement, which some elements, in the social media, have erroneously misinterpreted, as the Force Public Relations Officer, giving the approval, for the police, to willfully, assault or ‘slap’ any Nigerian, without the power, to retaliate such.

The statement further said, “For the purpose of clarity, the statement made by the FPRO, was an advice, aftermath of a trending video of a young man Nigerian, who was shown to have been dragging an AK-47 rifle with a uniformed policeman in Lagos, an action, which stands condemnable, by any right thinking individual.

“It is note worthy, that at no time, in our recent history, has the leadership of the Police force, shown more commitment to responding to public petitions and protests, against the officers and men of the force, than under the current leadership of IGP Usman Baba Alkali, with the efficiency constantly displayed, by the Force Public Relations Officer and the team of the Police Public Relations Units, across the States, in delivering justice to abused Nigerians.

“While we cannot but agree, that like every other professions, particularly the security agencies, there are bad elements within the Nigeria Police Force, that nonetheless, should not become an avenue, for Nigerians, to resort to self help, and encourage anarchism, which was the main admonition, of CSP Muyiwa Adejobi and the Police Leadership.

“Finally, we want to encourage the Police Force, to remain committed, to the task of building a Police/Citizens friendly relationship, which the IGP Usman Baba Alkali’s leadership of the force, have shown series of commitment, into achieving, as we also urge those, who are crisis enterpreneurs, to desist from all form of actions, that can promote lawlessness, in our society, especially, at this crucial moment of heightened insecurity, in our country.” the statement concluded.

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