2023:There Must Be Church Unity Before Nation Building—Ajose

Deputy director, south west directorate of politics and governance, Bishop Dr. Theophilus Ajose, has warned of the dire consequences of politicizing the church.

Ajose who spoke at the meet the church summit held in Abuja recently said the unity of the church is necessary for the nation building.

He, however, decried a situation where the church has been polarized for political parties shenanigans.

He said; “The Theme of this summit: The Role Of The Church In Nation Building is very apt to the current Nigeria political narratives.

“It should be noted that the often-seeming conflict of political interests between Northern and Southern Christians have pitted the Church in Nigeria against itself. The reason for this is not far-fetched.

“The truth is that, while professional politicians have but only ONE politico-partisan interest, the Church has NO Kingdom political interest! While the Politicians may differ in their individual and personal interests, the Christian politicians are at loggerheads with themselves in a bid to establish their different political benefactors’ interests.

“Consequently, the church has become the mouthpiece of professional politicians and the much the Church knows about politics is at best what the professional politicians dish out on our political plate of social media and motor-park political debates!“There is no way the nation can be built by us if we ourselves are divided…a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. There must be Church unity before Nation building.

“It is disheartening and unthinkable that we now talk of “Northern Christians” and “Southern Christians” as if Christ is divided. These are politically engineered nomenclatures brought into the Church by professional political warlords who are uplifting partisan interests up and above our kingdom interests. We now have Southern Bishops, Northern Pentecostal Bishops, Southern Apostles, etc. I hope with time, we won’t have Village Prophets!The more reason is being uplifted, the higher folly is being celebrated to the extent that the southern political paradigm has always being shifted on the scale side of emotionalism, noise, political ignorance, psychological social media harassments devoid of experiences known only to, and by, people who are in the political party trenches.

“I believe in the clarity of the vision of the Nigeria National Church Coalition (NNCC) and I sincerely pray that this Meet The Church Summit will do justice to the issue of division that has seen the authority of the Church in our nation being systematically eroded.”

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