Independence Day: Nature Will Reward Our Leaders, Politicians Accordingly – Oluwo Says Nigeria Took Independence So Soon

The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has sent a touching message to Nigeria’s leaders, politicians and general public over the country’s challenges.

Oluwo blamed Nigeria’s woes on politicians and leaders who have managed the affairs of the country, noting the giant of Africa should be developed nation by now.

He stated that Nigeria started on a very good note in the hands of British officials, regretting that the independence would have been delayed till 2000s.

He lamented the state of the nation as unsuitable as he asked nature to reward our leaders according to what they have done for Nigeria and Nigerians.

A statement released by Oluwo through his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, further reads “Nothing to be Happy about in 62 years of Nigeria independence day and the irony of it is that, we took the independence too soon and left our future in the hands of some heartless leaders. Many of our Leaders were selfish, incompetent and not God fearing. May nature reward them accordingly for what they have done for Nigeria.

“I challenge them to individually come out to highlight the good they have done for this country? At every independence day like this, an air space should be provided for all of them to tell us the pride they have brought to this country. We deserve better. We have everything to our advantage to be one of the very few greatest countries of the world but leaders to our disadvantage.

“As a natural Paramount Ruler, I’m proud of my achievements as an incorruptible monarch of merit to my kingdom. I take nothing from my people. I protect their interest and resources. I give account of my stewardship and always demand they challenge me when I unlawfully take from their sweat. As one of the leaders today, I’m so proud of myself and beat my chest.

“Nigerians should freely express their mind instead of the usual happy independence. As the giant of Africa, we should be proud of it now.

“My piece of advice to the politicians and leaders in position of power now is for them to change their ways now and make this country better.

“I’ve the hope we can still kick and better. The ball has not crossed the bar. Nigerians should start electing and appointing credible individual into position of authority and always request for stewardship. We have the power to reject any elected or appointed leader whose governance is of curse to us.

“The masses must unite to dispossess people of no conscience of power. It is now, it is already late but not too late”

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