Islamic Scholar Urges Military To Bomb Bandits’ Forests Without Minding Collateral Damages

An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Murtala Bello Sokoto has urged the Nigerian Military to as a matter of urgency bombard all identified bandits’ enclaves in the forests irrespective of the collateral damage that may be incurred.

Sheikh Bello made this call in a short video obtained by PRNigeria.

While noting that the security forces are recording victories against the criminal elements, he advised the government and military to intensify efforts towards ending the activities of terror bandits.

The religious leader also identified the activities of unpatriotic informants within the society who supply information to the bandits regarding troop movements as a major impediment to the success of military operations in Nigeria.

“I am calling on the federal government and the military to fear Allah and do what is necessary to eradicate the activities of the criminals.

“Not only civilians, but even security forces in Northern Nigeria are also now in a difficult situation and the government should do what is required to end this problem by just eliminating the enemies to end terrorism in the North.”

There are many terrorists’ hideouts that need to be bombarded and level to the ground.

Meanwhile, the few law-abiding citizens who are residing close to them [hideouts] should be asked to vacate the locations as soon as possible.

“It is possible to cut a rotten finger in an attempt to ensure the well-being of the entire part of the body,” the cleric noted.

By PRNigeria

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