Obajana: Provide Proof, Don’t Vent Your Frustration On Us, Kogi Replies Dangote

The Kogi State Government has warned the Dangote Group against venting its frustration on the State Government in the ongoing Obajana Cement ownership tussle, especially as regards the fire incident that occurred in the early hours of Monday.

In a statement signed by the State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo, the State Government advised the Dangote Group and its image makers to focus on “proving its ‘total ownership’ of Obajana Cement Company rather than chasing shadows”.

In response to a statement issued by the Dangote Group, the commissioner said the Group’s latest attempt to malign the state government in its statement titled, “Dangote not involved in Kogi Assembly Outbreak”, was a desperate one, insisting that the State Government has a “well defined channel of communication that is known to the public”.

Fanwo said the current struggle over the ownership of Obajana Cement Company was not that of an individual but a collective agitation by indigenes of the state who had felt shortchanged for too long as regards the subject matter.

He stated: “We remain resolute on our position on the Obajana Cement Company and that remains the matter to be determined rather than any attempt to drag the state government into any mud fight.

“A few days ago, we released a credible intelligence to the public, of plans by Dangote Group to attack the state and officials of Government, among many other measures at stifling the voice of the Kogi State Government in the ongoing battle for the ownership of the Obajana Cement Company.

“A few days later, our Legislative Complex was razed down by fire. In the official statement of the Government of Kogi State, we called on security agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter and make their findings public. We reiterate that anyone found to be involved in burning down the Kogi State Assembly Complex will be prosecuted and made to face the test of justice.”

Fanwo noted that only the truth could resolve the ongoing ownership tussle, maintaining that the State will “not succumb to any psychological warfare.

“We are aware of emails and deliberate harassment of the media to concoct unfounded stories around Kogi State and Governor Yahaya Bello. But this would do nothing to change the facts around the ownership of Obajana Cement Company, which the Kogi people, and indeed, Nigerians, are interested in,” the Commissioner declared.

He pointed out that the struggle was about the good people of Kogi State and also the integrity of the nation.

“It is a battle we need to fight for the generation-next, while also setting a standard of transparent corporate governance.

“The present administration has created a conducive environment for investment and business growth. Many business entities have come into the state to the benefit from our economy and the people and they have very good stories to tell. What we demand here is what belongs to the state,” Fanwo declared.

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