SEED: Parenting Strategy In Digital Era, By Dola Nancy Bankole

The S.E.E.D strategy is a parenting booklet that uniquely delineates a God-led strategy to uphold in the journey of parenting.

This compendium is written to proffer a solution to the challenge of raising a well-mannered, morally upright and a successful child in a glaringly depraved world.

The Author, Dola Nancy Bankole

Many couples especially those within the bracket of between 1-17 years of marriage who also happen to have younger children frequently express their fears on their kids turnout in the future.

Their fears though palpable yet are not unfounded given the digital age we currently live in that has unified the whole world into a global village.The impact of this is the non-curtailed access to information that children have which unfortunately largely include negative and immoral ones.

The prevalent freedom of the 21st century media has also made it very easy for profane and indecent contents to creep up unsuspectingly on kids in the name of advertisement as they innocently watch videos.

The question is…how many of these children know how to say no, when such videos slink their way to their faces while on their mobile devices?Moreover for most parents, it is the type of parenting strategy they adopted while growing up that they will turn into a template to raise their own kids.

The problem is that; many times parents exposure, experiences and upbringing is usually not the best model to fit their kids on to.Without controversy, each parenting journey is a unique experience to every individual on planet earth. There is no one size fits it all however a wholesome approach such as the S.E.E.D strategy can serve as a guide to help you achieve your goals of bringing out the best in your child/children.Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. The question is how do we carry out this training? And what methodologies should we adopt in carrying out this responsibility.

I am glad to let you know that through the inspiration of the Holy spirit the S.E.E.D strategy was born. I would love to challenge you to painstakingly follow the unique path laid out in this booklet. Plant the right seeds in the hearts of your wards and watch them flourish like a tree planted by the riverbank that bears fruit each season.

With this parenting guide in hand, you can be sure that each milestone your child attains will be a success because all she shall do shall prosper.

The S.E.E.D strategy will not only show you as a parent the “ how” to follow in building a godly child but will walk you through the steps to take in achieving them. Your journey through this short but incredible parenting digest will take you through this route enumerated below.


The S.E.E.D strategy is set to unveil the solution to some of the major challenges confronting many nations which can clearly be traced to wrongly mentored children perhaps for lack of guidance on the parent’s part.

Unfortunately, the demands of the digital era have seen many parents shirking their primary responsibility as they go about in search of daily bread, the allure of wealth, fame, career success, power and what have you.

Whilst acknowledging that these things aren’t bad in themselves, the main task here is to hold the priority of parenting alongside these other endeavours.

Now, here is a booklet that will make the journey easier for you as a parent.

The S.E.E.D strategy is available to partner with you enroute a successful parenting journey whilst you excel in other areas of life.The S.E.E.D strategy reveals some of the best actions every parent and guardian can adopt to bring about a wholesome child in this media age. LET’S DIVE INTO WHAT “THE S.E.E.D STRATEGY ” WILL OFFER:In the book, as a parent you will discover:How you can plant SPIRITUAL seeds in your children How to help your child achieve EMOTIONAL stability The right EDUCATION that will set your children apart and make them first-rate amongst their peersThe corrections and instructions to follow when DISCIPLINING your children.Let’s build a child provides you with great parental pointers with biblical references about children.

I am confident that this book will be one of the most insightful materials you could ever lay your hands on as the best parenting tool replete with the right strategies to help you raise a Godly child; one that will also stand out in her generation as a mighty influence.

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