Point Of Order! Abnegation Of Responsibility And Shameless Surrender Of Sovereignty, By Tola Adeniyi

There is a very disturbing news story that has gone viral to the effect that American soldiers and DSS have arrested a suspected terrorist in Abuja community.

Adewale Adenaike, chairman of phase 3, Trademore Estate, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), was reported to have narrated how officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) and some American soldiers arrested a suspected terrorist in his community.

To boot, picture of the American soldiers and DSS operatives was shown in the report to emphasize its veracity. Which means this is not a story that can be denied in accordance with the character of Buhari’s administration

*We at the *Gravitas Group for Good Governance* are seriously alarmed, worried and disturbed by this disgusting development.

Who invited these foreign soldiers? When were they invited? Under what laws were they invited?
What exactly were they invited for?

Who, for God’s sake, chose to surrender Nigeria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty sheepishly to a foreign country?

Nigerians have suffered grievous embarrassment nationally and internationally in the past seven and a half years. But nothing comes near this in its thoughtlessness, carelessness and irritating provocation

What is the National Security Council doing? Where is the country’s National Assembly?

Why should any government willingly submit itself to be overrun by a foreign power?

Has President Buhari created a Military Base for the USA on Nigerian soil?
Where are the soldiers camped or will they be domiciled in the air?

And in any case what is the United States success rate in quelling terrorism?

It failed woefully in Somalia
It failed woefully in Afghanistan after so many years and humongous losses in human, materials and dollars

It failed in Syria

Even in its own land where terror-attack has just given a broken skull to the husband of their country ‘s Speaker, right in his bedroom!

These are questions that compel answers today, not tomorrow!

There is fire on the mountain. Buhari’s APC government must come out clean and tell Nigerians what its hidden Agenda is.

High Chief Tola Adeniyi,

Convener GGGG.

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