TUC Congratulates Brazil’s President-Elect, Lula Da Silva On Electoral Victory 

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC congratulates Brazil’s President-Elect, Luiz Lula da Silva for his historic victory in the re-run elections last Sunday. 

Comrade Lula, a former Labour Leader and one time President of the country has had to endure harassment and imprisonment for charges the courts later declared him innocent.  

TUC said Lula also had to cope with a ban from politics which prevented him running in the 2018 Presidential elections.

TUC in a congratulatory message by its President , Comrade Festus Osifo, said Lula ‘s victory last Sunday despite the stacking up of state powers against him, and the use of security services to set up road blocks to prevent some of his supporters entering the towns to cast their ballot.

“We salute his doggedness, commitment and ability to mobilize the broad mass of the people, and, build coalitions that saw to the defeat of an uncaring and unfeeling administration.

“This victory ends the nightmarish administration of out-going President Jair   Bolsonaro who apart from interfering in the courts, destroying the beautiful Brazilian Amazon Forest which is a human shield against climate change, also, saw many Brazilians to early graves when he denied the existence of  Covid-19.

“Comrade Lula’s electoral triumph is a victory for the poor, many of who have been pushed down the valley of hunger and want, and  also for the workers who despite years of intimidation, stood courageously and campaigned for a humane leadership in the country.

“The  Brazilian Labour Movement through the administrations of Lula and  his successor, President  Dilma Rousseff   had contributed in building a humane country in which poverty and want were tackled.  But the succeeding administrations   of Presidents Michel Temer and Bolsonario had reversed this in favour of the rich and private profits. 

“They had also tried to suffocate the workers and strangulate the unions with their 2017 Labour Code under which most trade unions lost 99 per-cent  of their financial resources and had to be kept on life support  by volunteers.

“In standing firm by the Brazilian people and ensuring this victory of the populace,  the Brazilian Labour Centre, the Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (Unified Workers Central) otherwise known as CUT, has once again, shown trade unions in the world, the path to workers emancipation.

“The TUC salutes CUT and other Brazilian trade unionists and patriots, for a well-deserved victory.

We wish Brazil the very best and pledge our solidarity with the Brazilian people always.” The statement said.

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