…..For Ladi Adebutu And Co; They Lie,Concoct  And Manipulate Brazenly And Recklessly 

By Japheth Ogunniyi

Readers and the general public, beware and be wary

They are at it again. The oft  repeated deliberate distortions, falsehood and misinformation from Ladi Adebutu’s faction of the Ogun State PDP has surfaced again. 

In their usual style and method of throwing decorum to the wind and typical of their reputation in the minds of the public, nay lovers and supporters of the cerebral British trained qualified professional banker,  Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal,  popularly known as JAL among his political admirers, they truly live up to expectations of brazen and blatant distortion and falsehood in its raw form.

And being alert to potential attacks from them as they hibernate and calculate, we reiterate once again that,  lest they forget, whom God has blessed,  no one can destroy.

That Otunba Jimi Lawal’s response to the recent interview on Channels television on the authentic Delegates’ list monitored by Inec is lucid and exhaustive is repeating the obvious. Yet, these people with penchant for lawlessness are desperately trying to pick holes in an otherwise straight forward explanation. They are busy trying to cook a malicious allegation that borders on defamation. For the record and the benefit of the public who may be unwary, paraphrasing Otunba Jimi Lawal in the interview:

“No one needed to generate result for Inec. We only request and apply for reports of option A4 Inec monitored Ward ad-hoc Delegates elections result/lists duly signed by authorised party officers/Inec that was sent from Ogun State REC office to Inec headquarter, proactively to forestall and put paid to concoction of same by Dr Sunday Solarin and we were obliged the Certified True Copy (CTC).

It was this CTC that was taken to the venue of the party primary to counter the orchestrated plan of using the fake Delegates’ lists which was also taken to the Court to prove that indeed, the authentic certified Delegates were brazenly denied their rights to vote a candidate of their choice on the 25th of May ,2022.

Otunba Jimi Lawal stated further  in the interview that Dr Sunday Solarin was extremely reckless with facts and that he joined the PDP on the 4th of February, 2022 and not March as stated by this deliberate twisting of facts. Otunba Lawal equally punctured the assertion that the party primary took place in April instead of May 25th, 2022. To this brigands, facts are not sacred and nothing is immune from being twisted.

Peeved for being called a mole in PDP by Dr Solarin, Otunba Jimi Lawal also wondered at such reckless and blatant damage to his reputation after this same man,  Sunday Solarin, collected Five Million Naira from him to construct access road to the party Secretariat.

It sounds so irritating and curious to Otunba Jimi Lawal that Delegates election results from Shagamu, Remo North and Ikenne LGA are not being contested like others in the certified true copy.”

We are also of the opinion that lies,  falsehood and innuendo they are trying to project on the issue of the defunct Alpha Merchant Bank should not be given or accorded prominence or response. The facts of the matter are in the public domain. We cannot afford to dignify these busybodies and purveyors of falsehood who attempt to fight dirty like their pay master’s pig with any response. 

Otunba Jimi Lawal, with the sobriquet “Wizkid of the banking industry” in the 90s because of  the accelerated progress and development of Alpha Merchant Bank at the time, is a victim of envy and gang up from the most unexpected quarter. Thankfully, the shareholders, depositors and investors have been satisfactorily settled. Yet, these brigands have continued to wail and cry over nothing.

At this juncture, it must be emphasised that Ladi Adebutu and his minions’ penchant for peddling and sustaining falsehood and distortions should be checked. Enough of brigandage and criminal libel in the name of politics. Defamation and libelous assertions should not be elevated as politics or politicking. 

In conclusion, we are again being compelled to state and admonish caution, restraint and necessary guide that readers and the general public should beware and be wary of Ladi Adebutu and his gang when fallacy is being presented as logic. Nay falsehood and distortions as the truth. When they tell you it is daybreak, peep from your window first. They lie barefacedly without shame.

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