True Federalism; A Panacea For An Enduring Peace And Sustainable Development— TETFUND, NAPAA


Concerned about the prevailing socio-economic, security and political situations of Nigeria, TETFUND Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the National Association of Public Affairs Analysts (NAPAA) and Rebuilding Nigeria Group organized a One-Day Colloquium. The programme held at Olabimiji Conference Hall, Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Professor Kayode Adebowale, was the Chief Host. He was represented by Dr. B. O. Aluko, acting Director, Multidisciplinary Studies Centre of the University. Professor Sina Afolayan was the Moderator.

Participants included members of the academia, professionals, opinion moulders, public affairs analysts, students, and high caliber individuals.

Among them were the former Nigerian envoy to the Phillipines, Ambassador Yemi Farounbi, Mr. Adewale Ajakaye (retired Assistant Inspector of Police), Professor Kehinde Ayantayo, Professor Oladokun, Prince Seyi Adeoye, Princess Oyeronke Bolajoko Akinlolu, Mr. Laolu Abogunloko, Professor Solomon Akinola, Dr. Jide Ololajulo, Dr. Ruth Adio-Moses, Otunba Moses Alake Adeyemo (former Oyo State Deputy Governor), Mr. Ebika Anthony, Mr. Freeman Okosun, Mr. Rotimi Agboluaje, Mr. John Nwachukwu, Mr. Dayo Ogunbowale, Mr. Onimisi Mayaki, Mrs. Mobolaji Bankole, Mr. Yemisi Olaoye among others.  Prince Gbade Adewumi coordinated the programme online from Ghana.

The theme of the Colloquium, ‘Rebuilding Nigeria for Future Peace and Progress’ is very much in tandem with the Mandate of the Centre which revolves around engagements in multi-disciplinary approaches in studying Early Warning Signals. Aspects of the Mandate include, among others, Peace Practice, Conflict Tracking as well as Analysis and Design of Policy Options for Conflict Prevention and Peace-building in Nigeria.

Through engagements, the Multidisciplinary Studies Centre (MSC) finds the Objectives and pursuits of NAPAA and the Rebuilding Nigeria Group as in tune with the Mandate of the Centre hence the collaboration.

The Dean of the Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Ibadan, Professor Isaac Olawale Albert, as Lead Speaker, examined the theme from various angles. His presentation was laden with instances of when and how peace, unity, nationhood and development of Nigeria have been threatened. He called attention to prevalent incidences that are pointers to possible worsening of the situation if they are not properly addressed – and on time.

Discussants on the occasion expatiated on different aspects of Albert’s submission. Opinions laden with serious concerns were expressed that the Nigerian State is at the precipice and needs to be rebuilt so as to avoid a fatal plunge into the abyss.

The discussants who spoke in turn were Deacon Owolabi Oladejo, Dr. D. C. Danjibo, Dr. Emma Jimo and Professor O. B. C. Nwolise. Afterwards, participants expressed their views on different aspects of the ills bedeviling the Nigeria nation. Solutions were proffered with the expressed confidence that the country will soon overcome its challenges – especially if the right leadership emerges to direct its affairs for say, the next ten years. 

Participants at the Colloquium advocated for a template that will give us a Nigeria structured in a manner that every part of the country would have a sense of belonging and be able to develop at an enviable pace – an improved replica of what we had when the country was operating on a regional basis.

The Colloquium also took note of what is going on presently on the political turf and expressed concern on the conduct and utterances of some politicians as we approach the 2023 general elections. The need to shun violence and conduct issue-based campaigns was stressed.

After exhaustive but stimulating discussions, the following resolutions were made:

–          The need for a national dialogue that will see the country restructured to enhance people’s participation.

–          Need to return Nigeria to True Federalism as an enduring peace and sustainable development cannot be assured by what is presently operating in the country.

–          Need to invest more on conflict prevention, counter insurgency and counter terrorism. This is with a view to enhancing our security architecture. To facilitate this, the democratization of our security system was suggested that may entail the establishment of State and Local Government Policing system.

–          Need to ensure that justice is promptly and equally dispensed without regard to the status, ethnic or religious affiliation of those affected. A corollary to this is the need to put an end to the prevalence of impunity as commonly displayed by those in powerful positions.

–          The need to genuinely battle corruption as it is seriously undermining various efforts at developing the nation.

Members of the Communique Committee:

Comrade Jare Ajayi

Mr. Yemisi Olaoye

Mrs. Mobolaji Bankole

Mr. Dayo Ogunbowale

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