Breaking:Akeredolu’s Wife Fights Husband’s ‘Mistress’ Dirty….Stay Away From My Husband; Stop Bringing Concoctions To Him At Night, Ondo First Lady Declares

A serious crisis is brewing in Ondo state between the the First Lady, Betty Akeredolu and one of her husband’s special advisers, Mrs Bunmi Ademosu, whom she accused of nocturnal visits and bringing concoction to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu who is alleged to be treating an undisclosed ailment.

Mrs Betty was heard in the voice note issuing stern  warning to Mrs Ademosu to desist or face her full wrath on a WhatsApp platform belonging to Aketi women. 

In a voice note that has gone viral, Mrs Akeredolu threatened to deal ruthlessly with the female special adviser if she continues to bring concoction to her husband and visit him at ungodly hours. 

“I warned Aketi from the word go that this woman is evil; this woman is not good. What has she got upstairs to be scheming to be the deputy governor. I warned this woman to stop sneaking in concoctions to my husband from her fake pastor. We believe in modern treatment. She should stop her nocturnal visits. I’m warning her for the last time to stay away from my husband. Mrs Ademosu, or whatever you called yourself, stay away from my husband. I’m warning you for the last time. I’ll deal mercilessly with you.” She said.

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