2023:There Are Fifth Columnists That Want APC To Lose Presidential Election In The Villa- El-Rufai ….Says Buhari, Not Emefiele Should Be Blamed For Naira Redesign Fiasco

Governor Ahmad El-Rufai of Kaduna state, has revealed that there are fifth columnists in the Aso Rock Villa who want the All Progressives Congress to lose the presidential election.

He also blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for the retaining of the fuel subsidy, despite the humongous amount being spent.

He spoke on Channels Television current affairs program, Sunrise Daily, monitored in Lagos on Wednesday.

According to him, everyone in the economic council has agreed that the fuel subsidy should go, but it’s Buhari who said  no, that it will inflict more pains on the masses.

El-Rufai said he met with the President in 2016 when the oil price was about $26 that we should remove the subsidy. 

He said, “There are something we agreed with the president to be done and it’s not done and those responsible are never punished. 

“You need to separate the decisions of the people in the Vila from the manifesto of the party. 

“There are elements in the Vila that wants us to lose the election. And they are hiding behind the president to do what he desire is right. 

“For example the fuel subsidy. I discussed with President in 2021, he agreed. I left, it was changed.

“Secondly, the currency redesign. People are blaming the CBN governor. No, it is not him. If you look at President Buhari’s first administration in 1984 with Tunde Idiagbon. It was done. But why now? In the middle of election. There are fifth columnists in the Vila.”

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