How I Got £50 Gift Through Wrong Phone Call-Adeboye 

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCGG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has explained how he got a gift of £50 through a wrong phone call.

Speaking at the Thanksgiving Service of the RCCG, with theme ‘Season of Wonders’ at the Throne of Grace Headquarters, Ebute Metta, Yaba, Lagos, on Sunday Adeboye said the God of Wonders came to his aid in far away London some years back. 

According to the revered clergy, he was in London for RCCG Sunday school when he ran out of cash and still have to spend three more days.

He said; “ I was in London for our Sunday School and I ran out of cash. In those days, we look for an air ticket with huge discounts. So, you have to spend at least two weeks. I just prayed a casual prayer to God for £50. I wasn’t expecting anything. Almost immediately, a call came through my landline and I picked the reviver and say hello! He said Biyi. I said this is not Biyi. And he asked who he was speaking to and I said Adeboye. He asked, which of the Adeboyes. I told him the general overseer of the RCCG. And I could hear him at the other end calling his brother to come that the man he had been longing to see is on phone call with him. There and then, he asked for my address. When they came, he gave me £50. I said God if I had known I would ask more than that. Not long after, I heard a knock on my door. Before I could open the door, the man has slipped an envelope into my room. When I opened the door, I saw another £50. 

Continuing, he said,” at another time, I was in the United States of America for a program. One of my children came to Dallas Airport to pick me and I passed the night in his house. The following day,  he was taking me to the airport to connect another flight when God spoke to me that he will make Dallas the headquarters of the RCCG in the US and I shared it with my son and we said amen. When I got to the airport, we were on board when the aircraft was about to taxi on the runway and noticed a smoke coming from the cabin and we had to disembark. And I was already running late for the program. We were there when someone saw my son Leke, and asked him where I was. When they got to me I told them about my plight and they took me to the place on time. 

“ All this while, God has spoken to man to buy a land in Dallas. The man said, God I’m not interested in farming. God said, yes, just buy the land. The man bought 1014 acres of land. About two years later, the man was at a restaurant to eat and as my son in Dallas was coming in, God spoke to the man that that’s the owner of the land. The man came to my son and asked if he was a missionary from Africa and he answered in affirmative. The man said when you finishing eating let me take you there. My son was so overwhelmed with joy that he beckoned to the man to let them go and see the land immediately. 

“ When I returned to the Dallas, my son took me to the land. After I inspected it, I told him that I will like to stay back and pray. I was praying in the night, but because it was very cold, I retreated back inside. Later as I was praying, God showed me a house by my side, that he would give the house to me. Today, we have expanse of land in Dallas for the RCCG. That’s God of wonders”. 

Adeboye also said when he became the general overseer of the RCCG, the finances of the ministry was lean. “It was less than what I was earning as a senior lecturer before I resigned. And we have 39 people to pay every month. The money is barely enough. So when I received my gratuity I asked the Lord what to do with it and He said I should divide it into three and give to each of the ministries. I did the first, when it got to the second, I was reluctant and God spoke that, ‘ I will be your source.’ And since then, it has been so.” He said. 

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