Fidelity Bank Welcomes Customers With Exciting Offers

Customers of Fidelity Bank are in for a good time this season as the bank recently unveiled a suite of mouthwatering offers designed to reward customers for reactivating their dormant accounts and transacting regularly.

All customers need to do to enjoy the benefits is to visit to fill the reactivation form and our team will be in touch.”the bank’s staff would reach out to them to conclude the process.

Besides zero transaction charges on transfers up to N5,000 conducted with the Fidelity Mobile and online apps, interested customers can also get free Verve Naira Debit and Verve Global Debit Naira cards from now till 16 February 2023.

Customers with a valid ID and utility bill, can proceed to complete the reactivation process on the Fidelity Mobile Bank or Online Banking apps.

The dormant account reactivation requires zero minimum balance and there are no costs involved.

You will recall that earlier this month, an investigative report published by the Africa Independent Television (AIT) adjudged Fidelity Bank as one of the few banks that were disbursing the redesigned Naira notes across its ATMs.

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