2023 Election: Finland Condemns Planned Attack In Southeast

By Bukar Bolori

The Embassy of Finland has condemned any attack targeted at the upcoming Nigeria’s election.

Simon Ekpa, known for his link with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and resident of Finland, has few days ago threatened to visit violence on anyone in the Northeast who participate in the forthcoming election.

In a publication on its website, the Embassy said: “Referring to the upcoming elections in Nigeria – Finland condemns violence and incitement to violence in all its forms.

“With reference to the upcoming elections in Nigeria, the Embassy of Finland in Nigeria reiterates Finland’s clear and unequivocal condemnation of all forms of violence and incitement to violence. Political aims should be pursued solely through political means.

“The Embassy underlines the importance of and Finland’s full support to the safe and secure conduct of the upcoming elections in all parts of Nigeria.

“Nationally and through the EU Finland is strongly invested in the success of the electoral process.”

The publication added that: “The Embassy has been approached with questions about the position of Finland regarding events in Southeast Nigeria. Our position is very clear: We cannot in any way condone calls for stopping the conduct of elections, or any actions aimed at preventing people from exercising their democratic rights.

“Every individual has the right not to vote, but actions aimed at preventing others from doing so are clearly not acceptable.
Finland fully shares the concerns regarding the security situation in Southeast Nigeria.

“Finland and Nigeria have discussed the situation, and Finnish and Nigerian authorities are cooperating on the matter. The Embassy cannot, however, comment in public on the content of this cooperation.

“A lot of disinformation is currently circulating online on Finland’s role and positions, including a letter allegedly signed by the Prime Minister of Finland. Please note, that the document is a fake, and does not originate from the Government of Finland.”

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