Avoid Any Act Of Electoral Violence, KACRAN Counsels Nigerians 

By Bukar Bolori 

As result of the Presidential/National Assembly elections start coming out,

Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) have advised Nigerians against resorting to violence to express dissatisfaction with the lost of their candidates.

A statement signed by the National President of the association, Hon Khalil Bello said millions of registered Nigerian voters should be  allowed to vote based on their political inclinations or candidates of their choices and they should be made to have the right of being ruled by their preferred candidates.

He said: “we sensitized our members on the importance of peoceful active participation in the  elections under reference, we strongly wish to call on our fellow Nigerians for the interest of peace, unity and development of our fatherland to avoid any act of violence at this very time when Nigerians and the entire world is eargerly/patiently waiting for INEC’s declaration of the result.”

He said: “Our passionate appeal is necessitated due to the following facts: KACRAN painfully observed that, there are quite a number of unpatriotic politicians who usually and shamefully insitigates our youths by luring them with worldly things to partake in all forms of heinous electoral violence, that are very dangerous to the unity and development of our dear country.

“KACRAN also noticed that, even now Nigeria is bedeviled with numerous security challenges which are directly affecting our people in many part of the country, as a result of which we don’t need any additional conflicts.

“There is nothing more important in the entire nations, Nigeria inclusive,  than peace, which is the bedrock for nation building.”

He added that: “Once more, KACRAN as the ardent preacher of peace and Nigeria’s unity, want to draw the attention of our youths to know or wisely remember that, the future of Nigeria belongs to our youths, so they should avoid any politician who out of political agrandizement will try to delude them to barbarically destroy their future and of their only country.

“And for the bad eggs politicians, who have nothing to offer, or  present to Nigerians to win their surport, who  always resorts to decieving our innocent youths to commit all sorts of political violence  by maiming, wounding and sometimes killing innocent Nigerians just to help them rig elections to emerge victorious in the election which they are actually not the rightful winners.

“As a result of which they use to end their stollen tenureship without even  being useful to themselves, talkless of the general cominity whom they are suppose to serve with honestly and high degree of senciarity, because in many instances those youths who help them in stealing other people’s mandates are the first people that the said corrupts and dubious politicians would fight.

“In the same vein we call on our youths to be fully aware that, if the nation’s peace and unity destabilized they are the main lossers. Since they can only be able to attend schools or any skills acquisition training centers if there is peace in the country

“They would only be employed if there is peace in the their localities, towns or country. They would only get food to eat, if there is peace that would allow them to go out freely/unhesitatingly to work.”

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