COSEG Warns Chief Iwuayanwu To Desist From Denigrating Yoruba Race,Describes His Outburst As Irresponsible,Uncouth , Reckless And Careless

The publisher of Champion Newspapers,Chief Emmanuel Iwuayanwu is in the eyes of the storm over his outburst on Saturday at the one year anniversary of the Anambra state Governor, Prof Charles Soludo, where he denigrated the yoruba , calling them “political rascals”.

Responding to the outburst of the newspapers mogul,the leadership of Coalition of Oodua self determination groups (COSEG) described the statement and video footage of Chief Iwuayanwu as ” irresponsible,uncouth, reckless, uncivilized, inciting and condemnable”, stressing that coming from a man of Chief Iwunayanwu’s pedigree speaks volume of the deep seated animosity he is nursing against the Yoruba Race,which was manifest at the last presidential election.

COSEG in a press release issued on Sunday signed by the Chairman of it’s Coordinating Council,Comrade Dayo Ogunlana condemned the businessman for such a reckless statement, reiterating that he has displayed his hatred for the Yoruba Race ,a race that has been helpful to him and his people as his champion newspapers had it’s headquarters in Lagos,which made him enjoy patronage from both government and people of the state.

COSEG however warned that it will not watch in utter disappointment when people of questionable characters will continue to denigrate her race.

In the words of the COSEG Leader ” the irresponsible,reckless careless outburst of the champion owner,Chief Iwuayanwu who we had so much revered and respected came to us as a Shock, infact it was a surprise and this was a pointer to the way and manner the yoruba is being held by the Igbo Nation, especially during the recently concluded presidential election.. Describing an entire race as “political rascals ” smacks of hatred and disdain in which the race is being held by those that have immensely benefitted from it. We cannot belief that àn exposed man like him will go so low to describe a revered and well respected race all over the world with such words. This did not only show the depth of hatred the ibos have for the Yoruba race but has also shown their disdain for our race. We will therefore use this opportunity to warn the reckless Chief Iwuayanwu and other irresponsible Igbo leaders to desist from denigrating Yoruba Race mainly for political contest in which one of theirs lost to an illustrious son of Yoruba nation. We make bold to say that any further attack on our race shall be stiffly resisted and will be met with equal measure of insult on the person and his or her race. We are using this opportunity to advise Chief Iwuayanwu in his own interest to tender unreserved apologies to Yoruba Race or else he will find COSEG to contend with henceforth “

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