CAC Registers NTYTP As Group Says It’s Set To Build Capacity Of Young People For Leadership

Not Too Young To Perform (NTYTP) Leadership Development Advocacy hascalled on interested young people across the country to get prepared tolead in all sectors of Nigeria’s national life as the group says that it’s set to build the capacity of young citizens to take up leadershippositions at all levels.

In a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Mikail Audu, the organisation’s core mandate is “to raise youngergeneration of leaders to take up leadership positions in all sectors,including political offices, whether elected or appointed, with a viewto outperforming those who were in office before them, and to ensuretransparency and accountability in leadership.”

The group noted that among other things, it’s aims and objectives are toencourage the young people in the society to aspire to lead in any chosen career or profession and to advocate for the rights of youngcitizens to participate in nation building.

NTYTP also aims to promote love and unity among the people and toidentity and celebrate performing young persons in private and publicoffices, to organise community empowerment programmes and othercommunity service and serve as a uniting forum for Nigerian youths athome and abroad.

According to the statement, also part of its aims and objectives includeto support the less privileged, widows and orphans and to establish andmaintain charitable organisation, to support or carryout poverty alleviation programmes and build skill acquisition centres in parts ofthe country.

NTYTP is to give a new orientation to the youths “on the need to embraceinitiatives that will enable them discover and develop their potentials.

“To promote patriotism among young Nigerian people and to promote peaceand harmonious coexistence among all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, toadvocate for rights of citizens to good governance and to encourageleaders to do more for the benefit of the citizens.”

The organisation noted that it will also promote transparency and accountability in governance, patriotism and advocate against all formsof violence, especially electoral violence and thuggery.

As part of its efforts to promote good governance, the group added that it’s leadership across the nation are grounded to flash their light onprojects awarded by the governments at all levels to curtail chances of projects unimplementation, projects implementation delayance andimplementation of projects with substandard products or strategy.

The group noted that it is willing to collaborate or partner with othergroups with similar or complimentary aims and objectives in the interestof the nation.

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