NDDC Begins Poll On Development Priorities For Niger Delta

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has launched a poll on LinkedIn and Twitter, asking stakeholders and potential beneficiaries in the Niger Delta region for their insights and suggestions on which areas or sectors the NDDC should focus on for more attention and investment.

According to a statement on its official Facebook and LinkedIn pages, the NDDC is committed to listening to the voices of the people in the region and using their feedback to guide its future plans and priorities.

The statement indicated that since the poll started, the NDDC has received some wonderful suggestions and insights from participants on both LinkedIn and Twitter, with many people sharing their thoughts on the areas that need more attention and investment.

The poll is still ongoing, and the NDDC encouraged everyone to participate and share the poll with their networks.

It is available on LinkedIn at and on Twitter at The statement called on stakeholders, residents and people of the Niger Delta to work together with the Commission to help shape the future of the region and ensure that the needs of the community are being met.

“The Commission encourages every stakeholder and potential beneficiary to make their voice heard by participating in this poll.”

According to the NDDC, the poll is still open, and they are encouraging all stakeholders, Niger Delta people, residents and potential beneficiaries to promote it to others in their networks to participate as well.

The statement added that the poll aims to ensure that all voices are heard and that the NDDC’s resources are directed where the need is greatest.

The ongoing poll is expected to enable the NDDC understand better which sectors or areas require additional investment and attention in the region.

In a statement on its official Facebook and LinkedIn pages, the NDDC expressed appreciation to everyone who has participated in the poll so far, adding that it looks forward to receiving more input from the people of the Niger Delta.

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