Labour Party Leadership Tussle: We Stand By Abure-TUC

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has reiterated its support for the embattled national chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure.

TUC in a statement signed by its national president, Comrade Festus Osifo and secretary general, Comrade Nuhu Toro, said inspite of the court order, the group is pitching its tent with Abure.

TUC also decries a situation whereby some unconstitutional means are being used to seize the national headquarters of the party.

Below is the full text of the letter

Press Release


The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has been monitoring and following up closely with some sad developments within Labour Party (LP).

The TUC notes that in the past few weeks, internal disagreements in the Labour Party, have spilled into the public space.

There have been multiple court orders, employment of non-democratic means to seize the party secretariat and the use of state institutions to intimidate opponents, all of which are strange to time-tested labour traditions.Some of these disagreements maybe a fall out of the party’s spectacular performance in the 2023 general elections and its creation of a desired Third Force to drive the development of the country.

While this is understandable, the success of the party has to be well managed to ensure that people elected into executive and legislative positions at state and federal levels deliver on its promises to the electorate.

LP needs to be a well-ordered party so that it can ensure discipline both within the ranks of those elected on its platform and its general membership.

Therefore, while contestations, agitations and internal struggles are acceptable, non-constitutional means and a resort to violence and intimidation are alien to Labour and civilized culture and will not be tolerated.After carefully monitoring the situation, further consultations, and review of the multiple court orders, we are aligning fully with the Labour Party under the leadership of Barrister Julius Abure. Furthermore, we call on the teeming supporters of our party to give the National Chairman all the required support to deliver on its mandate until a National Convention is held where new officers will be elected or the current ones returned.

Comrade (Engr) Festus Osifo, President

Comrade Nuhu Toro, Secretary General.12th April, 2023.

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