Kashim Shettima: Of Binani, Alhaji Uba And Ribadu’s Body Language

By James Bwala

Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa, an APC stakeholder in Adamawa state, who attacked the Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima in an audio by linking him to the declaration over the drama that happened – of Hudu Ari, the INEC’s REC is not just speaking his mind as a rough politician but also speaking from the body language of his friend and associate- the former EFCC Boss and Aspirant for the guber race, who lost to Senator Aishatu Binani during the guber primaries in the state.

Linking Kashim Shettima to the script performed in Adamawa exposes Malam Nuhu Ribadu’s bitterness for losing the primary to Senator Aishatu Binani as well as the rigorousness of Uba Dan’arewa’s thinking.

Kashim Shettima, who is acting on higher ground, cannot stoop low to meddle in an affair that allowed Binani, a rare kind of politician and serving Senator, to cry loud and long beyond Adamawa and seek Shettima’s script to sing her victory song.

Nuhu Ribadu, for whom Uba Dan’arewa crosses party lines, has never made any positive impact on his political career in Adamawa and that is a record.

Names like Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa show the scrupulousness of conceited dreamers who like sitting in the political palace to think of happenings and to present fiction as realities in front of their hired master.The audio recording that was sent to me yesterday has been listened to.

It was a combination of a bitter loss and political foot troops wailing for their lord. Elections have come and gone, but for others, the hurt of losing their political post has persisted in disrupting their tranquility.

Even while Malam Nuhu Ribadu remains silent, his foot soldiers are spreading his resentment toward Senator Kashim Shettima, the vice president-elect, which is terrible and tragic.

The election in Adamawa is over, but individuals like Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa, who appeared to be interpreting his boss’s body language, are exposing how Malam Nuhu Ribadu may have been venting his rage outside the borders of Adamawa. In the audio recording, Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa frequently blames Kashim Shettima, who has been working on a separate platform. And for Malam Nuhu Ribadu. Failure is cruel. And for us because a ship can only have one captain, I said it again; Nuhu Ribadu does not have a position to head the northern elite in the upcoming administration despite his claims to be closer to Tinubu.

Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa forgot that Senator Aishatu Binani, who defeated three political giants to become the APC’s governorship candidate in Adamawa state, did so by popular majority and the need for change, which is sweet in political games, when he connected Kashim Shettima to Senator Binani’s victory in the primaries and subsequent issues that depict her victory.

According to Uba Dan’arewa, it was Binani’s face and Shettima’s fingers.He attempted to place Malam Nuhu Ribadu on the platform of front-runners in Tinubu’s camp by claiming that Malam Nuhu Ribadu was extremely close to Tinubu.

However, it might be stated that his actions were motivated by worries that his employer might not be able to influence events when a skilled hand, such as the Vice President-elect, is present.

He started to speculate that Kashim Shettima would eventually replace Tinubu just to lead to chaos in the national leadership but in that too they have failed.When Shettima was selected as Tinubu’s running partner, Malam Nuhu Ribadu was there.

Kashim Shettima may have been carrying his certificate of return as Senator for Borno Central in the red chamber if Ribadu had any bearing at all. But as fate is the mother of luck, the Ribadu camp’s foot troops would want to direct their resentment at the incoming president for making the decision to choose Shettima over their paid master.

In his audio recording, Uba Dan’arewa says that Kashim Shettima may depose Tinubu. Well, he gets off easy since there was never an occasion better than what sparked this uprising from the Ribadu camp, a manifestation of political will that is misdirected. With his article and audio tying Kashim Shettima to the contentious elections in Adamawa state and other accusations against Shettima, Uba Dan’arewa, who claimed to be an APC chieftain in Adamawa, is now hiding his face from Nigerians, who would want to ask him questions.

Malam Nuhu Ribadu’s unrestrained statements may be to blame for this political catastrophe. But the Ribadu camp was sending a message by stooping so low as to connect Kashim Shettima to Senator Aisha Binani’s purported statement during the brief drama between INEC’s REC and politicians in Adamawa state.

Naturally, I would have disregarded the recording sent to me regarding the player’s alleged misconduct, but doing nothing may be seen as supporting those in the political sphere who spread false information as we prepare to celebrate Nigeria’s rekindled optimism.

Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa failed to disguise his tracks and showed stupidity in every sentence he wrote.

The audio also revealed the fear of some politicians, who may have grand plans to control powers from the north, but who are afraid that they won’t be able to cage the Tinubu administration due to Kashim Shettima’s strong leadership. As a result, they resort to blackmail and other forms of false accusations against reasonable people.

No Nigerian would ever tell Kashim Shettima and Bola Ahmed Tinubu how far they had come, as they are fully aware of.

Tinubu and Shettima’s union has been remembered in history as a union based on self-assurance, trust, and destiny. It was of a trustworthy kind that had been examined and was still intact.

The respect on which this friendship was based may be attested by those who are familiar with the challenges that brought the two leaders together.

For anybody to think such accusations coming from a figure like Uba Dan’arewa is near facts than fictions is therefore very absurd.

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