Edo Specialist Hospital Refutes Claim Student Doctor ‘Butchered’ Patient

The Management of Edo State Specialist Hospital, Benin City, has dismissed a claim by one Mr. Sunday Oghogho, that a student doctor ‘butchered’ his late wife at the facility, saying all surgeries in the hospital are conducted by competent specialist doctors.

It said the rebuttal became necessary following an allegation by Oghogho that the hospital was liable for the death of the deceased.

This was stated in a statement by the management, which was made available to newsmen.

The statement reads:“The attention of the management of Edo Specialist Hospital, Benin City has been drawn to a publication on Facebook Titled: ‘How A Student Doctor ‘Butchered’ My Wife to Death at the Edo Specialist Hospital.

“We empathize and condole with the family of Mr. Sunday Oghogho over the painful loss of his wife following complications of childbirth.

“As providers in the health care space we have sworn to preserve life and it is therefore painful for us whenever we lose a patient irrespective of the circumstances. We are bound to the oath of confidentiality and medical ethics regarding the records of patients we manage even after death but the level of falsehood contained in the above-mentioned write-up has made it imperative for us to provide clarifications limiting ourselves to the issues already placed in the public domain by the husband. Full details of her care are contained in her medical records which remain confidential except otherwise required by competent authorities.

“The hospital management had earlier received a report of an aggrieved patient relation, Mr. Sunday Oghogho, who needed further clarification on the management of the wife and subsequently invited him for a meeting with some members of the multidisciplinary team that provided care for the patient in attendance.

“After this meeting, Mr. Sunday Oghogho expressed his dissatisfaction with all the clarifications provided. He made some ludicrous demands in an attempt to get the hospital to accept responsibility for the death of the patient, which the management turned down as there was no basis to accept such responsibility.This appears to have given rise to Mr. Sunday Oghogho’s spurious tirade on social media. We wish to assert that Edo Specialist Hospital provides excellent secondary/tertiary medical services to the people of the state.

“Furthermore, we wish to posit that all surgeries in Edo Specialist Hospital are conducted by competent specialist doctors. Specifically, the surgery was conducted by a consultant Obstetrician and subsequently, the patient was co-managed by a multidisciplinary team of Obstetricians, Hematologist, Anesthesiologist and Nephrologist in the Intensive Care Unit.Thus the allegation that a student doctor butchered the wife is completely false. The attempt of Mr. Sunday Oghogo to also malign through his exaggerated report laced with falsehood, the CMD is also preposterous. The management understands that it is painful when one loses a loved one. We sincerely sympathize and empathize with Mr. Sunday Oghogho and his family on the death of his wife. We also use this medium to assure the public that Edo Specialist Hospital remains committed to delivering excellent health care to all its patients at all times.’’

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