Group Commends Pro-Democracy Hangouts

A youth organization, Youths For Democracy and Justice, YODEJ, with headquarters in Lagos has commended the organizers of the Pre-Inauguration Hangouts which has been holding for over 51 days at the Unity Fountain, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The Group’s leader, Comrade Peter Oye, in company of a few of the group’s national officers who visited the Unity Fountain from Lagos and other states of the Federation expressed how impressed they were with the organization of the daily Hangouts which has been ongoing for over 50 days.

In a Press Release issued in Lagos this Wednesday and signed by the Group’s president, Comrade Peter Oye, the group stated, among others, that “Paying a visit to the Unity Fountain in Abuja to see firsthand the organization, patriotism and commitment of Nigerians from all walks of life congregating in that symbol of our national unity to promote the cause of democracy gives us hope and joy immeasurable.

“It is the collective responsibility of all Nigerians to rise up in defence of our democracy and ensure a smooth transition of power from one administration to another in order to establish a culture of political stability in our dear country, Nigeria “

“It is for this reason that we condemn the calls by antidemocratic forces for the cancelation of the 2023 presidential election or the scuttling of the president-elect’s inauguration come May 29th. That’s not democracy. That’s promotion of anarchy and they should be included on the list of American Visa ban recently announced by the State Department. Let the judiciary decide on the election cases before it without the application extra legal means that can lead to chaos and avoidable catastrophe. We need peace in our country”.

The Pre-Inauguration Hangouts is a daily activity being spearheaded by Hon. Tosin Adeyanju as Convener and Dr A. A. Maiagogo, Co-Convener.

Recently the eldest daughter of the president-elect, Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, was on hand to deliver over five thousand wheel chairs and other walking aids to the physically challenged who trooped to the Unity Fountain on Day 45 of the Hangouts.

The materials were donated Hon. Ayuba Gufwam. The Hangouts have also been used to set various policy agendas for the incoming administration.

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