Hilda Baci:God’s Grace Saw Me Through 100-Hour Cooking

Chef Hilda Baci, who surpassed the Guinness World Record holder for longest cooking by an individual, has stated that God’s grace saw her through the 100 hours and 40 minutes of cooking.

Sharing a video of herself testifying in church on her Twitter page on Sunday, the chef wrote, “I’m thankful for the grace of God that saw me through the 100 hours 40 minutes. Earlier today with my church family #HarvestersLekki.”

In the video, she said, “The Grace of God will always be sufficient for me because honestly, the pastor has preached about grace and he said that there are different kinds of grace.

“There is grace for money and there’s grace for favour. But all you need is to have all-round grace. When I prayed about this attempt,I prayed for all-round grace.”

Credit: Punch

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