Just In: Akeredolu’s Son,Babajide Scheming To Impose Speaker On Ondo Assembly

Palpable tension appears to be brewing amongst members of Ondo state legislative parliament ahead of inauguration of the state’s 10th Assembly next month.

The brewing tension has been linked to orchestrated moves by the son of Ondo Governor, Babajide Akeredolu to impose a ‘first timer’ as the speaker of the assembly.

A reliable source who craved anonymity revealed that Babajide Akeredolu has been weighing all possible options to install one Tope Komolafe from Ifedore Local Government Area as the new Speaker on the assembly.

The obviously furious source added that Babajide was not unaware of the standing rules of the Assembly which stipulates that ranking membership and House hierarchy are two important criteria that must be considered in the choice of a Speaker.

The source further said it was most annoying that Babajide was unpretentiously usurping the power of Ondo State Governor with his latest moves.

It was however assured that everything would be done by Ondo Assembly members to resist any move to set aside standing-rules of the parliament. “What is happening now in Ondo State Assembly can at best be likened to a move to enthrone unconstitutionality. It is unheard of that a new member will be imposed on the House as Speaker. Why will anyone even think of such in the first instance?”

“The ideal thing should have been for the Assembly to determine who will be the new Speaker. We also expect that factors of ranking and hierarchical standing in the assembly must be considered in the choice of the Assembly Speaker. Let me use this opportunity to alert the people of Ondo State on the latest move by Babajide Akeredolu by poking his nose where he absolutely has no business”.

Meanwhile, the source assured that both the old and new members of the house would continue to give due respect to Governor Akeredolu and look forward to another round of robust working relationship with him.

It was however averred that the House members would also adopt a united front to make it impossible for external infiltration of its rank. “Governor Akeredolu is a well respected leader by all members of the Assembly. Everything will be done to sustain good working relationship with the governor. All members of the house, both the old and new will stay very united in a bid to make it impossible for anyone to willfully and unlawfully set aside our rules,” the source concluded.

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