Governor Bello Awards Scholarship To Cambridge Examinations Best Student, Oluwabukolami

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has granted a scholarship to Miss Oluwabukolami Adeyemi, the recipient of the British Council Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Award.

This award is in recognition of her remarkable performance in the 2022 Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge AS Level Examinations.

Governor Bello flanked by Oluwabukolami and her parents

The governor received Oluwabukolami and her parents at his office in Lugard House, Lokoja, on Wednesday.

He expressed his satisfaction with her outstanding performance, which has positioned her as a distinguished representative of the state, country and the world in general.

Oluwabukolami, who has already secured admission to a university in the United Kingdom to study law, shared her aspiration of becoming a successful lawyer.

She also aims to excel in her profession internationally, with cross-border access to legal practice.

Furthermore, Oluwabukolami expressed her ambition to play a significant role in government, either by holding leadership positions in Nigeria or contributing to policy-making and legislative processes.

She requested prayers for her parents, who were facing the financial burden of funding her education abroad.

Governor Bello commended Oluwabukolami’s exceptional performance and encouraged parents to follow the example set by Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi in nurturing their children for success through dedication to education.

He emphasised that Oluwabukolami achieved global recognition due to her intellectual prowess rather than any inappropriate means.

Continuing his tradition of generosity, the governor, who has previously awarded multiple scholarships to outstanding students and supported medical expenses locally and internationally for indigent patients, announced that Oluwabukolami had been granted a scholarship in his name.

Engr. Adeyemi, Oluwabukolami’s father, expressed deep gratitude to the governor, described the scholarship offer as unbelievable and offered prayers for the well-being of the governor and his family.

Oluwabukolami Adeyemi shattered the glass ceiling by achieving the highest scores in the examination, which was conducted across 146 countries worldwide.

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