Ambassador Tuggar: A Diplomat Has Come To Four Ds Of Diplomacy

By Kosi Ejiofor

Since Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, assumed office as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a new positive direction appears to be beckoning at the ministry.

The way Nigeria is perceived abroad is so very important to President Bola Tinubu that he had to place the task of reordering the perception of the country abroad in the hands an experienced diplomat, Ambassador Tuggar, a square peg in the square hole of putting Nigeria on the global map for the good reasons.

Having served as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany for four years (2017 – 2023) and member of the previously as member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs when he was in the House of Representatives, representing Gamawa Federal Constituency (2007 – 2011), his capacity to create and sustain the much needed positive image for the country abroad cannot be in doubt.

Less than two months in office, it is evident that Ambassador Tuggar, kicked the ball rolling the very minute he assumed office on August 21.His mission is a Four Ds Diplomacy, which is centred on Development, Democracy, Demography and Diaspora.

For Ambassador Tuggar, Nigeria as a country must have to find modern solutions in order to address complex modern problems.While assuming office, the Minister said in due time, his administration would unveil new visions to rightly place Nigeria at the regional and global peace-making pinnacle.

He said; “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at the forefront of promoting Nigeria’s interest and protecting our citizens abroad.

“As a historically important ministry, foreign affairs has long represented a high standard of excellence. It is therefore our job to make sure that those standards never fail.

“In due time, we will also be unveiling a new vision for Nigeria’s foreign policy. The four Ds diplomacy is centred on development, democracy, demography and diaspora. We hope to find modern solutions in order to address complex modern problems.”

That he will achieve this daunting mission is not in doubt. His footprints during his ambassadorship are so indelible.As ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Tuggar facilitated the state visit of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Nigeria in August 2018.

He also played key roles during the 23rd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

It is also to his credit that 22 out of the lost Benin Bronze artefacts valued at over $100 million pounds were repatriated from the German government to Nigeria.

Therefore, with Ambassador Tuggar, an experienced diplomat and holder of a Masters Degree in International Relations from the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the United States International University, San Diego, United States of America, it cannot but be a new dawn at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And for President Tinubu and the entire people of Nigeria who are yearning for a country whose citizens will be respected outside its shores, Ambassador Tuggar has an answer, which is Four Ds of Diplomacy.

Ejiofor, a public affairs commentator lives in Abuja

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