Niger Delta Leader Asonja Hails Tinubu’s Supreme Court Victory, Says; Nigeria Will Work Under Him

A Niger Delta Leader and Commandant of the Ondo State Chapter of the Tantita Security, Chief Idowu Asonja, has described the Supreme Court judgment, validating the election of President Bola Tinubu, as the necessary tonic for the President to turn things around in the country, adding that “Nigeria will surely work under him.”

Asonja said the way and manner the Supreme Court Justices handled the matter and trashed out all issues raised by the petitioners showed that the judiciary still remained the pillar on which democracy will continue to rest.

In a statement on Saturday, Asonja, who is the Ondo State Commandant of Tantita Security, a security outfit securing and maintaining the nation’s oil lines, congratulate the President for scaling what he described as the last huddle of the authentication of his electoral victory.

He said “Nigerians know who they elected as their president and now that their voice at the polls has been validated by the Supreme Court, it time to face issues bordering on the well-being of the people and I am confident that President Tinubu will restore the hope of Nigerians.”

While also commending the petitioners, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, for chosing the law court instead of instigating violence, the security expert said, “Now that all the processes of the election has been concluded, it is time to join hands with the president and work for Nigeria and its people.”

He assured that on the part of the Tantita Security Services, peace will continue to be sustained in the Niger Delta Region with the country’s main source of income well secured.

Asonja, who reiterated his called on the youths and monarch in the Niger Delta region to embrace peace and development, assured that, “Going forward, Tantita would continue to explore all humanitarian options to enhance youths and community development of the coastal area.”

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