It’s Untrue, Itire-Ikate LCDA Vice Chairman Did Not Walk Out On Guests …Allegation Baseless, Mere Fabrication

Some council elders were pleasantly surprised at the fake news being bandied by unscrupulous elements working for some desperate politicians that the Vice chairman of Itire-Ikate local council development area, Hon Yetunde Jimba, walked out on guests during the stakeholders meeting held recently at the council secretariat.

Those at the meeting told this medium that it was an attempt to smear the image of Hon Jimba because of her rising political profile.

Itire-Ikate LCDA Vice Chairperson, Yetunde Jimba at the stakeholders forum

According to those who were at the meeting, the chairman, Hon Ahmed Apatira, in a bid to ensnare his deputy, called upon her to read a prepared speech that she was not privy to. The plan was to use her to score cheap political points and in case of eventuality make her the ‘fall guy.

The attempt to ridicule Hon Jimba, according to the source, is part of the 2025 local government election, which they are planning to edge the vice chairman out.

The source described the alleged walkout on guests as wicked and politically motivated to demarket her.

The source maintained that it was at the 2024 Budget Consultative forum at the Council Secretariat that the high handedness of the chairman, Hon Apatira, was exposed.

Some of the leaders were shocked by Apatira’s poor performance and running the LCDA with his mistress, Mariam Balaraba from Nasarawa, like personal fiefdom.

According to the source, the public should dismiss such unfounded information aiming to discredit Hon. Yetunde Jimba, who has consistently exhibited excellent leadership as the Vice Chairman.

Contrary to the claims, Hon. Yetunde Jimba did not walk out of the event because she came prepared.

“On several occasions, she has delivered speeches endorsed by party leaders and the people of Itire-Ikate Local Council Development Area,” said a source who craved anonymity.

Additionally, the public is advised to reject the false narrative that Hon. Yetunde Jimba’s involvement in a certificate scandal during the last local government election was why Apatira was taken to the tribunal. It is farther from the truth.

Hon Jimba has never engaged in any illegality and remains committed to upholding her integrity.

The Vice Chairman maintains absolute respect for political leaders and the people of Itire-Ikate, refraining from any behaviour that would be disrespectful to them.

Party chieftains and the revered Itire monarch can vouch for Hon. Yetunde Jimba’s conduct throughout the event how she comport herself in a dignified manner.

And despite being denied various benefits as Vice Chairman that she statutorily deserved, Hon Jimba did not allow that to deter her as she is diligently carrying out her duties.

The individuals behind this malicious information are urged to cease fabricating lies against Hon. Yetunde Jimba, known for excellence, credibility, and remarkable service delivery.

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